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Founded in 2015 with a modest $521 investment, we've since become a major player with millions of users worldwide. As we continue to grow and innovate, we're seeking exceptional individuals to join our fully remote team.


At KLIM, we're proud of our emphasis on operational excellence, customer-centric development, and unparalleled customer service.

Explore a career with us and immerse yourself in a learning-driven environment. Play a role in launching exciting products and be part of our team that values your unique contributions.

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KLIM Value's


Optimistic Realism

Why? Faced with events we create meaning in our head. While remaining grounded in reality, we want to go with the most energizing interpretation of any event.

Expectation : When faced with a challenge, you interpret it in the most useful way possible. When a colleague is down, you help them reframe their challenge.

Tradeoff : Unless you’ve been blessed with parents who taught you this, it’s not natural to see problems positively. We all need to practice it.

Emotionally invested

Why? No one has ever been great at something they don’t care about. 

Expectation : You’re emotionally invested in becoming great at what you do, you derive mastery and enjoyment out of your job.

Tradeoff : You take failures personally, you have high expectations of yourself

Excelsior -
ever upwards

Why? There are always things we can improve, with intention and effort we can be slightly better today than we were yesterday. If the entire team lives this value we can only succeed.

Expectation : You set high expectations for yourself, and self-reflect on your shortcomings. You take pride and enjoyment in improving every day, you own your craft and are relentless in improving it.

Tradeoff : No one says they are against “growth”, but growth whether in work or at the gym, comes with some amount of discomfort.

Maximum brain usage

Why? Every problem is an opportunity for creative thinking. Your value to the team is proportional to the problems you are able to solve.
Expectation : You dig deep within your mental resources to find solutions, you are resourceful, you don’t hand your problems to other people.

Tradeoff : This requires intentionality & effort, and can be frustrating at times.

Choo Choo Mfer

Why? We get stuff done, we are fast-paced and effective.

Expectation : We don’t expect very long hours, but we want intensity, pace and rhythm. Patient with results, impatient with action. You speed up the entire company. You help your colleagues by keeping them accountable.

Tradeoff : This level of intensity is not natural, it needs to be proactive. We’ll also sometimes take bad decisions we’ll need to revert.

Perks & Benefits

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Working remotely

We find harmony in work life and home life (with an opportunities to get together face to face in Thailand!)

Growth and Development

We believe in work being an instrument for personal and professional growth.

Own your craft, and relentlessly improve at it. We gurantee that by working with us you will grow. 

Flexible working hours

You are free to manage your schedule the way you want to. We support your freedom to work in a way that suits you best.

Raises & bonuses

We aim to strongly tie compensation to performance. So if you perform great you will be given susbtantial raises and bonuses. 

Voices from Our Teams

"Joining KLIM has been a game-changer with exciting projects and an awesome team.
Together, we turn ideas into reality"

Thomas - Product Designer & Engineer

Hakim New.jpg__PID:8d246ea2-c0f2-467d-8e02-0f3425d9144a

"Working with KLIM has been a truly wonderful experience. From the very start, I've been entrusted with significant opportunities and responsibilities, allowing me to accelerate my professional growth. The supportive environment and the trust placed in employees have made every challenge an opportunity for learning and advancement."

Hakim - Senior Product Manager


"What really impressed me when I started at KLIM 5 years ago was the care we take of our customers. In a lot of companies, sales are the only thing that matters and they don't invest in customer service. At KLIM, we want to be able to respond to customers in their mother tongue, quickly but with a focus on quality, and we want people who can put themselves in the customer's shoes."

Vincent - Customer Service Manager

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Senior Product Designer.jpg__PID:28486238-6a58-4e66-81f0-9a85f7aa6e3b

Senior Product Designer

Report to the Head of Product Development in our In-House Product Development team, collaborating closely with Product Managers to optimize sourced products. Your role aims for significant contributions to new product outcomes and your continuous growth in skills,
 productivity, and responsibilities.

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Junior Product Designer.jpg__PID:62386a58-ae66-41f0-9a85-f7aa6e3bbe08

Junior Product Designer

Work under the Senior Product Designer in our In-House Product Development team, collaborating closely with Product Managers to optimize sourced products. Your role aims for significant contributions to new product outcomes and your continuous growth in skills, productivity, and responsibilities.

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Remote Brand & Operations Manager

Experience rapid growth and help us become one of the leading sellers on Amazon, by identifying opportunities in the market, superior operations, in-house quality improvement, and truly exceptional customer service.

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Remote Product Manager

Work in close collaboration with our Graphic Design Team, In-house Design Team, Logistic Team, Operations Managers, and Customer Support so that you can launch new products successfully. In addition to your immediate contributions as Product Manager, the goal is that you can progressively grow your skills, productivity, and responsibilities.

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