Lost a keyboard, reunited with a friend

Lost a keyboard, reunited with a friend

Lost a keyboard, reunited with a friend - KLIM Technologies

One fine afternoon, Seb, who was happily typing on his wonderful KLIM Dash (you know, that superb keyboard with aerial typing experience, red switches and a ten-year warranty, but I digress) noticed that his keyboard seemed to have a will of its own.

While it was usually completely obedient to him and carried out all his orders, the KLIM Dash started to double without any reason all the “E” that Seb typed!

It was at this precise moment that Seb realized… that the letter E was really everywhere. Since he had to either delete the extra E’s or use his virtual keyboard, writing a simple email easily took him three times longer than usual.

But while this was an interesting lesson, the problem was still extremely annoying.

Seb rolled up his sleeves and wrote to us to let us know about this incident. He even made the effort to correct his e-mail and to get rid of any untimely E, which, more than anything else, proved his good will and his self-sacrifice.

It happened to the handsome Hugo to answer him, and while he gave him various advices to try to fix his key, he realized that the one who was talking to him was none other than a friend he had once worked with

Both were originally from Bordeaux (this city that says chocolatine and not pain au chocolat like normal people) and had gradually lost sight of each other over time, but especially during their travels.

In fact, the two buddies had each visited Asia on their own (Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia for Hugo, Hong Kong and Japan for Seb) since then, but had not had the chance to exchange news… until this fortuitous meeting.

Finally, after an exchange of technical advice & discussions about their respective experiences (such as Seb’s love of rice in Japan), Seb’s KLIM Dash was declared dead and promptly replaced.

But… more than a functional keyboard, that day, Seb regained a friend

Well, he also regained the ability to write correctly spelt mails, okay, but it’s less poetic.

Who knows if you too will not find an acquaintance who now works with us?


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