KLIM Voice V2

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KLIM Voice V2

KLIM Voice V2


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  • IMPROVED VERSION + EXCELLENT AUDIO QUALITY. You want your interlocutor to hear you loud and clear and your voice to be perfectly transmitted without background noise. That’s what the ideal desktop microphone does and that’s why we have improved the KLIM Voice with new materials, coating and components. It offers you stunning sound quality at this price range. It has a stable and durable base so you won’t need a bulky mic stand and includes an anti pop filter to prevent any unwanted noise.
  • BEST VALUE + BUILT TO LAST. We want to offer the perfect balance between sound quality, durability and price. You will be surprised at how clearly it captures your voice. You might also be worried that a promising microphone at such low cost could break in 6 months. It shall not happen: the KLIM Voice V2 USB mic has been built with great quality materials to ensure amazing durability. It features brand new coating with extra thickness, which looks great on any desk!
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY + EASE OF USE. The KLIM Voice V2 an excellent plug & play microphone for computer and PS4. You only have to plug the USB cable into your computer to use it! There is no extra software to be installed: you can enjoy it right away. It comes with a mute slider and a volume switch that doubles up as light control. The KLIM Voice is a computer microphone compatible with every operating system – Mac OS X Windows Linux – and all brands (Apple, Asus, HP…). It also works on PS4!
  • MULTIPURPOSE. The KLIM Voice V2 is a very versatile recording microphone. You can use it for a call or a conference on Skype, speaking to your friends on Discord, and it works very well with speech recognition software (Cortana, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Google Docs Voice…). Whether to attend a course or lead a job interview, the KLIM Voice V2 will meet all of your needs. It’s also an excellent ASMR microphone.
  • THE RISK IS ON US + RISK FREE PURCHASE FOR YOU. We offer with Amazon a 30-days no questions asked return policy. Additionally this product is covered by an ironclad 5 years warranty, which is a testament to the quality of the product. If you happen to encounter any issues, our native English customer service answers within 24 hours, even on week-ends! For you it’s a 100% risk free purchase.

Additional information

Weight200 g
Dimensions12 × 21 × 10.3 cm

Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White


KLIM Technologies is now one of the top brands for audio equipment in Europe. We came from nothing, belong to no large corporation, have no outside investors. Our success only depends on your satisfaction. This is why we offer quality, durable electronics. Our goal is that you can get your earphones with this peace of mind. We believe that we should put our money where our mouth is. If you enjoy the product, we win. If we fail to deliver, we lose.


The KLIM Voice V2 has a stunning sound quality that records your voice perfectly without background noise. It will provide you with the clearest sound you will ever find within its cost range. You don't have to pay too much for a top-tier microphone: you have one right here for you.


Tired of boring, time consuming installations for new devices? We are too. This is why we designed the KLIM Voice V2 to be used 30 seconds after you opened its box: simply plug it to your device and voilà, you're all set up. Your new microphone is plug & play, compatible with all the existing PC operating systems and brands. Note: the microphone is compatible with PS4 but it is not compatible with Xbox One.


The KLIM Voice V2 will fit every desk! If you have a clean and professional workspace, its sober look will blend in perfectly. However, if you prefer a lively station, you can turn on the two lights at the base to brighten up your space a little. This is truly a microphone for both gamers and professionals. We have improved multiple aspects of our already successful KLIM Voice to include thicker coating, matte finish and better components.


Buying electronics can be stressful. You never know if it's going to last or break-down in 2 weeks and leave you with a useless product. This will never happen with the KLIM Voice V2. You can purchase the Voice V2 with the safety of knowing you're getting a durable, long-lasting product. And if anything happens, we're right here for you!

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