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The KLIM Inspiration is ideal for your everyday use or on the go thanks to its balanced size and weight. With its symmetrical design, you'll love it regardless of your grip style or dominant hand. Its new high-precision optical sensor gives you everything you need for your work or leisure at the computer! It is compatible with Windows and macOS.

Instead of using disposable batteries, the KLIM Inspiration features an integrated one. That means you will not have to spend extra money and time getting an external battery every time it runs out, which saves you lots of trouble and also helps the environment by reducing battery waste. This wireless mouse is charged within hours via the supplied cable or by using a wireless charger (such as our KLIM Makepad). Enjoy more than one month of use between charges thanks to its outstanding capacity!

Enjoy total freedom of use! Without cables, without hassle. Installing the KLIM Inspiration couldn't be easier: take the USB receiver from under the mouse and plug it to your computer. Your mouse is now ready for use! Keep your desktop cable-free for a much nicer and tidier workspace. It's also ideal while on the go. You can start using immediately on your laptop wherever you are: at the airport, cafeteria, library... You will always keep it with you!

We have been manufacturing computer equipment for years. Hundreds of thousands of customers are satisfied with our mice, mouse pads and keyboards. Following the success of our wired mice, we wanted to bring you an affordable, good quality wireless mouse for greater convenience and freedom of movement. The KLIM Inspiration is the perfect companion for your desktop or laptop computer!


  • EXCELLENT HANDLING + AMBIDEXTROUS. The mouse has become an essential, everyday tool. It must be effective and comfortable to use. Regardless of the type of grip you use, the KLIM Inspiration offers a very satisfying handling experience. It features a very smooth coating which is quite pleasant to the touch. Also, its ambidextrous design ensures it works equally well for right and left-handed people.
  • EASY TO USE + CONVENIENT. The KLIM Inspiration wireless mouse synchronises automatically to your computer. Simply plug the USB receiver located under the mouse to your laptop or PC and it will start working right away. Unlike Bluetooth devices, no additional steps such as pairing or installing new drivers are required. Mobility is important so if you need to use the mouse on another computer or take it on the go, put the receiver back in its magnetised socket. This way you’ll never lose it!
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY. Batteries are a key component in any wireless device. We have equipped the KLIM Inspiration with a high-quality built-in battery. This saves you money and hassle in the long run since you will not have to buy disposable ones every time they are depleted. Just charge the rechargeable mouse using the supplied cable or any QI Certified wireless charger (such as our KLIM Makepad). Be warned: you won’t have to do it often since a single charge lasts for about a month of use!
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE + SOLID WARRANTY. Buying the KLIM Inspiration means acquiring quality. We have thoroughly tested it to ensure maximum durability, especially for the sensor, mouse clicks and scroll wheel operation. Its button life expectancy is more than 50 million clicks per button. We have so much confidence in it that the product comes with a 5 year warranty, unheard of for this type of product. It’s a truly risk-free purchase!
  • STYLISH. Whether you plan on using it at home, in the office or on the go, you’ll love the simple yet elegant lines of the KLIM Inspiration. This low-profile mouse fits nicely on any desk and has the perfect size to be both comfortable to use every day and compact enough to be carried in your suitcase or bag without taking up much space. It’s the perfect wireless travel mouse!

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