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Enjoy the freedom and convenience of wireless charge thanks to the KLIM Makepad. It's the ideal solution to keep your workspace or living space tidy and stop worrying about cables. Simply put your phone on the KLIM logo while you play or work at the computer. It's as simple as that! No more crouching to reach out for cables or outlets every time you want to charge your device: with the KLIM Makepad you will save time and avoid any complications.

Experience lightning-fast charge! With a maximum power output of 10 W, you will always keep your battery topped up in very little time. Many wireless chargers available on the market come without a power adapter, which means you'll either have to purchase it separately, or settle for a low charging rate. The KLIM Makepad brings you the full package: a new generation wireless charging pad, power adapter and a very long cable (2 meters).

Enjoy total freedom of use with the KLIM Inspiration wireless mouse! Without cables, without hassle. It's ideal for your everyday use or on the go due to its balanced size and weight. Thanks to its symmetrical design, you'll love it regardless of your grip style or dominant hand. Its new high-precision optical sensor gives you everything you need for your work or leisure at the computer. Compatible with Windows and macOS.

Instead of using a disposable battery, the KLIM Inspiration features an integrated one. That means you will not have to spend extra money and time getting an external battery every time it runs out, which saves you lots of trouble and also helps the environment by reducing battery waste. The KLIM Makepad charges it automatically every time you place it on top of the charging spot, so it will always be full of battery! If you prefer using a traditional cable, it is also supplied in the box and will fully charge it within a few hours.


  • ALL IN ONE SOLUTION. This combo pack includes the KLIM Inspiration wireless mouse and the KLIM Makepad mousepad. These two products complement each other nicely thanks to their unique features and matching styles. With a solid black color scheme and white logos, they will both fit any desktop elegantly. The wireless charger on the mouse pad can be used to charge the mouse when not in use. A really powerful and convenient combination!
  • EXCELLENT HANDLING + AMBIDEXTROUS. The mouse has become an essential, everyday tool. It must be effective and comfortable to use. Regardless of the type of grip you use, the KLIM Inspiration offers a very satisfying handling experience. It features a very smooth coating which is quite pleasant to the touch. Also, its ambidextrous design ensures it works equally well for right and left-handed people.
  • AESTHETICS + AVOID CLUTTER. Keep your desktop much tidier with the elegant KLIM Makepad mouse pad! It’s not only an excellent mouse pad in itself, it also lets you wirelessly charge any compatible phones. This reduces the clutter on your desk and makes it very easy for you to charge your phone while you use your computer. Instead of reaching out for the charging cable every time, simply put the phone on the KLIM Makepad. Super convenient! NOTE: adapter not compatible with standard UK sockets.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS + WARRANTY. At KLIM, we take the durability of our products very seriously. Whether it’s a set of inexpensive earphones or a high-end gaming chair, it must last many years. Both mouse and mouse pad features high-quality materials and great craftsmanship to extend their life expectancy. We are so confident in its reliability that we offer a 5 year warranty with these products. It’s a completely risk-free purchase!
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY. Batteries are a key component in any wireless device. We have equipped the KLIM Inspiration with a high-quality built-in battery. This saves you money and hassle in the long run since you will not have to buy disposable ones every time they are depleted. Just leave the mouse on the KLIM Makepad’s charging symbol when not in use and it will always be ready for action!

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