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KLIM Supremacy is our new XL Mouse Pad with customizable RGB backlighting. Completely flexible and easy to carry, this mouse pad features high-precision fabric for perfectly fluid motion of your mouse.

Thanks to its big size, it covers your desktop completely for optimal gaming comfort. The backlighting is adjustable thanks to the button located on the top left corner of the mouse pad. It requires no drivers to work!

  • HIGH PRECISION FABRIC. This is the most important feature of a mouse pad. This fabric is conceived for perfect control in your mouse glide. Regardless of your mouse sensitivity or sensor type, the fabric will optimize its response time. No more jittering or losing control, your mouse will perfectly track all your movements.
  • AESTHETICS. A mouse pad is an item that you use every day for work or gaming. Fuse utility and aesthetics with our carefully designed mouse pad with transparent lighting rims. Bring light to your desk thanks to the lively backlighting of this mouse pad. You will be able to choose from 7 different colours and 3 lighting effects.
  • DURABLE + RISK-FREE PURCHASE. This fabric is extremely resistant to wear and tear as well as rips, and is washed easily with water. This mouse pad will last for decades. Apart from its high-quality fabric, we have equipped it with a reinforced braided cable and a gold-plated USB port. As always with KLIM, you will benefit from a responsive customer support with replies within 24 hours. We offer a 5 year warranty, which makes this a truly risk-free purchase for you.
  • LARGE SIZE + COMFORTABLE. Bigger is better! Extra large model: 786 x 300 x 3 mm. It covers your desktop completely so you can place your keyboard and mouse on top. You will have maximum space for your movements, which is ideal for low sensitivity mice. Its special coating is conceived to avoid any wrist or palm irritation, even after many hours of use. Completely flexible model, easy to carry.
  • CONVENIENT + STABLE. Very simple to use, you just have to plug it in and it will work straight away. Change its colour with the ON/OFF button. This mouse pad is equipped with a micro USB port as well as a detachable cable for easy transport. Very light, its weight is just 560 g and can be rolled. Its base is made of natural rubber, which grants it perfect stability. It will not move at all once placed on your desk.

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Weight 558 g
Dimensions 80 × 30 × 0.4 cm

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The KLIM Supremacy offers a gliding surface optimized for all your mouse movements. Made in high-quality micro-textured fabric, it will ensure perfect control regardless of mouse sensitivity. The surface of this mousepad is conceived to optimize your mouse’s response time regardless of its sensor type. Choosing the KLIM Supremacy means ensuring perfect tracking of any mouse movements, no matter how small.


The KLIM Supremacy Mouse Pad will illuminate your desk thanks to it’s 7 colours + 3 effects, which will suit everyone's preferences. Having a mouse pad like the Supremacy will impress those around you and they will certainly want to borrow it. You can also turn it off if you prefer thanks to the button located on the top-left corner of the mouse pad.


Apart from using high quality fabric, the KLIM Supremacy is very comfortable thanks to its special anti-irritation coating, which looks after your wrists and palms. Completely flexible, this mouse pad has knitted edges. It provides a soft and supple feel.

The anti-skid base is made of natural rubber to offer perfect stability once placed on your desk. It will not move an inch regardless of your movements.


Gamers with a low sensitivity who require lots of space for their mouse movements are often neglected. The KLIM Supremacy measures 78.6 x 30 cm and covers your whole desk. You can place your mouse and also your keyboard on top of it. It is an ideal model for gamers who are looking for optimal comfort to play in the best conditions.

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