KLIM Shift

KLIM Shift


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KLIM Shift Wireless 60% Keyboard

  • Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard
  • RGB lightning
  • Extra 69 keycap set
  • Backlit Keyboard Mini Wireless 2.4Ghz & bluetooth
  • 60% percent Gaming Keyboard
  • PC Gamer WIN/Mac

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The KLIM Shift can be connected both wired and wireless. Whether you want to connect wirelessly to the included 2.4Ghz dongle for fast connection or you want to connect and easily switch between 3 bluetooth devices - this wireless gaming keyboard can do all of that! With a very low response time, it is the best-performing keyboard in its category!


Equipped with 17 RGB backlighting modes and 8 colours, it is perfect in the dark, with each key glowing beautifully so you can see them clearly. You can also notice the backlighting during the day: this RGB mechanical keyboard will shine on your desktop. Note: the keyboard's energy-saving mode will temporarily turn off the backlighting after 5 minutes of idle time in order to extend its battery life.




You won't miss a keystroke on this one! The KLIM Shift is a brown switch mechanical keyboard. They have the perfect balance between clicky and silent switches and include a subtle "bump" the minimal feedback you need to accurately hit those keystrokes! Ideal for work or gaming, you will quickly gain typing speed: it's a considerable time-saver in the long run.




The KLIM Shift is a lightweight yet very robust keyboard! Truly built to last, with this model you won't have to worry about accidental drops or even water splashes. With a life expectancy of 50 000 000 keystrokes, it will last you for at least a decade!




  • SMALL IN SIZE + BIG IN FEATURES. A 60% wireless hotswap mechanical keyboard with brown tactile switches. It comes with black and white keycaps, a keycap+switch puller and drivers for your macros!
  • EASY TO USE. Whether you’re a gamer or using it at the office (or both at the same time) – this wireless keyboard allows you to easily switch between your devices: wired/wireless, 2.4G or bluetooth.
  • FULLY CUSTOMISABLE. 19 RGB backlighting modes + two keycap sets + the magnetic top frame can be removed for a different look + this 60 percent keyboard is a fully hotswap mechanical keyboard !
  • BUILT TO LAST. The keys have a 50 000 000 keystrokes lifetime, so you can hold onto it for the next decade! With a weight of 640 g we created the perfect balance between portable and steady. It has a long-lasting built-in battery (4 hours charge time). *Note: lowering the keyboard’s brightness improves battery life.
  • AN INVESTMENT + GREAT VALUE + SOLID WARRANTY. You spend hours on your computer everyday, typing away. This keyboard gives incredible value for its price, so you can improve your productivity and gaming experience without breaking the bank. At KLIM we are very confident in the quality of our products, which is why we offer you a 5-year warranty! It is a risk free purchase. Our Customer Service team is also at your disposal and will answer within 24 hours.

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Weight 710 g
Dimensions 44.3 × 17.7 × 3.5 cm


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