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  • AN INVESTMENT. How long do you spend typing on your keyboard each day? A mechanical keyboard will respond precisely the moment you press on the key which allows you to hit the next key faster. After a week or two you can experience 10 to 15% speed gains. Imagine the time saved in a year. It won’t only be fast either, typing will become a real pleasure.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Most mechanical backlit keyboards offer a few lighting effects. The Domination keyboard is a REAL full RBG keyboard. With the KLIM Domination you’ll get to choose the colour of each key individually. There are 16 million possible combinations. The keyboard will memorise your choices. It will be completely tailored to you. Add to this 21 unique effects with selectable speeds!
  • PERFECT TYPING. When you switch to a mechanical keyboard, you never go back. With its blue switches, the most popular switches, the KLIM Domination guarantees precise, fast and comfortable typing. Your typing speed and your speed in-game will increase exponentially. With the KLIM Domination you’ll find a new level of smoothness to your typing. WARNING : It’s a blue switch mechanical keyboard, it’s noisy, this is on purpose.
  • DURABLE + WARRANTY. Be warned, at 1.26KG, the KLIM Domination is a heavy duty keyboard. However, this ensures it stays completely fixed in place when you’re gaming. It’s a real tank engineered to last a decade. Braided USB cabling. Gold plated USB. New long lasting coating. It comes with a 5 year warranty, which is exceptional for electronics. It’s a risk free purchase.
  • SIMPLE. Here at KLIM we’re against unnecessary drivers or bloatware. Everything is programmable directly from your keyboard using a manual written in proper English. You’ll find all the usual multimedia keys. The Keyboard comes in a standard QWERTY layout and once you plug it in, it’ll work perfectly! If you do encounter any problem at all, our English customer service will be ready to help you. Equipped with anti-ghosting.

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 35 × 26.3 × 1.15 cm



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