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KLIM Chroma combines performance, aesthetics, lightness and comfort. With a response time of just 2 ms, the Chroma is the most reactive membrane clavier on the market.

Keystrokes are particularly silent and accurate, ideal both for gaming or office.

You will love its vivid backlighting, which will shine on your desktop during the day and at night.

Besides being very light (460 g), the Chroma is very resistant with a durability of 20 million keystrokes per key.

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With a response time of only 2 ms, the KLIM Chroma is the fastest membrane keyboard available on the market. Thanks to its anti-ghosting feature, you can press multiple keys simultaneously while gaming without encountering any issues. Improve your performance and your typing speed in order to boost your skill significantly.


KLIM Chroma features a trichromatic lighting split in 3 distinct areas. It is a perfect technology to lighten your keys in the dark and see any symbol clearly no matter the time of the day. The LEDs are very bright and can be disabled easily with a button located at the back of the keyboard.


Are you looking for a keyboard which doesn’t wake up all your family when you are playing ? We thought about you with our noiseless keys that offer very comfortable keystrokes. Compared to very noisy keyboards, the KLIM Chroma is discrete and thus ideal for working or gaming. It has been proven that a completely silent keyboard (emitting no sound at all when you strike a key) slows down the typing speed. We have designed the Chroma so that it is not completely muted nor very noisy either.


Made with ABS, a particularly resistant thermoplastic, the KLIM Chroma is a very robust keyboard! Truly built to last, with this model you won't have to worry about accidental drops or even water splashes. With a life expectancy of 10 000 000 keystrokes, it will last you for at least a decade.


  • High performance. With a response time of only 2 ms the KLIM Chroma is among the very best non-mechanical keyboards. Added to that an anti-ghosting function. Your typing speed, in game or not, will be optimized.
  • Quiet and comfortable. The KLIM Chroma was conceived to be as quiet as can be. Each keystroke produces a soft sound. Overall it makes typing a very comfortable experience.
  • Aesthetic. A keyboard takes quite a lot of room on a desk, so it might as well look good. The chromatic lighting effects will definitely be noticed, especially in the dark. The lights can be turned on and off by the switch of a button.
  • An investment. You spend hours on your computer everyday, typing away. Might as well make it enjoyable and comfortable. At KLIM, we are very confident in the quality of our products, we offer you a 5-year warranty! It is a risk-free purchase.
  • Built to last. This keyboard is waterproof, you think you don’t need that feature, until you need it. It has a 20,000,000 keystrokes lifetime, you can hold on to it for the next decade! For a keyboard it is rather light, weighing in at 460g. It is mostly made of ABS plastic, especially solid. It won’t suffer if accidentally dropped from your desk.
  • Warranty and customer service. This keyboard has a 5-year warranty and KLIM’s customer service team will ensure you have a reply to any query within 24 hours.

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 44 × 14.4 × 2.9 cm


3 reviews for KLIM Chroma

  1. 5 out of 5

    Zhytoran (verified owner)

    Je cherchais un clavier gamer et silencieux et le klim chroma répond parfaitement à ces critères ! Il est léger, il tient très bien sur le tapis, et les touches sont vraiment très agréable ! Je regrette juste que le RGB soit fixe, on ne peut pas choisir de mettre le clavier d’une seule couleur, mais à ce prix là et vu la qualité du produit ça reste un petit détail. Vous pouvez acheter ce clavier les yeux fermés !

  2. 5 out of 5

    MICHAELS MICHALON (verified owner)

    Un clavier de qualité pour un prix très raisonnable. J’ai même été contacté par le service client afin de savoir si j’étais satisfait du produit (chose assez rare de nos jours et qui mérite donc d’être soulignée).

  3. 5 out of 5

    Pascal Vigeant (verified owner)

    Pas besoin d’être gamer pour apprécier le silence d’un clavier ! Celui-ci est excellent surtout compte tenu de son prix et de son rétroéclairage bien pratique en plus d’être ludique. Le délai commande livraison a été impressionnant de rapidité. Franchement rien à redire, aucune hésitation à avoir, on commande les yeux fermés !

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