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  •  GREAT SOUND QUALITY + CONVENIENT CONTROLS. The KLIM Rush features high quality sound and is perfectly adapted to gaming, watching films or listening to music. It blocks outside noise effectively to provide great immersion. The cable controller features a volume adjuster that is easily reachable, so you can turn the volume up or down without changing your devices’ settings. This works on PC, Console or Mobile alike.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY. One headset fits all! If your device has a 3.5 mm jack, it will be compatible. It’s the ideal PC headset for everyday use on your computer (audio splitter included!). For consoles, simply plug it into your Xbox One or PS4 controller and you’re all set. It also works with Nintendo Switch whether the console is docked or not. If you prefer going mobile, enjoy your favorite media or games on phone and tablet with excellent sound.
  • CRYSTAL-CLEAR MICROPHONE. Hearing is important, but being heard is also. The KLIM Rush has a retractable microphone that captures your voice perfectly so you can communicate clearly with everyone. It offers great performance in every situation: gaming sessions, live broadcasts, work meetings, family calls… Easily turn the mute on or off using the button on the cable. This jack-of-all-trades headset ticks all the boxes!
  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE + LIGHT. Being able to wear a headset for many hours straight is essential. Too tight and it will hurt your temples, too loose and you will lose isolation and comfort. The KLIM Rush features an adaptive cushioned headband that fits nicely to your head. The fabric and foam used for the earcups is anti perspiration, especially useful in the summer months. This gaming headphone is also very light so you don’t strain your neck and shoulders.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS + WARRANTY. Buying headset after headset only to see them fail within a few months is very frustrating. With the KLIM Rush you will not have to worry about this. Its aluminum structure and other high-quality materials protects it from wear and tear. We have put great care in reinforcing wires and components so that they last for many years. And if anything happens, our team of specialists and our ironclad 5-year warranty has your back!

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Weight 340 g
Dimensions 22 × 9.5 × 19.5 cm


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