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The KLIM Protect are new blue light blocking glasses. Thanks to their next generation lenses, you will benefit from very high protection without any tint whatsoever. Their German-made lenses are conceived to block this type of light and protect your eyes when you spend multiple hours every day in front of a screen. Very light and extremely comfortable, the structure of the KLIM Optics is made of TR90, a next generation material which is very popular in high-end glasses.

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  • Take care of your eyes. The human eye hasn’t evolved to stare at a screen many hours a day. This is why the blue light from screens leads to many health issues down the road. The main ones are the retina macular degeneration as well as cataract. Protect yourself as of today.
  • Improve your sleep. Screens prevent you from quickly falling into a restful sleep, notably by messing with you circadian cycle. This is caused by the blue light. By filtering it you can very quickly fall into a peaceful sleep and enjoy a full night of proper rest. Invest in your sleep!
  • Anti-fatigue, anti-headache, become more productive. Do you ever, after spending a few hours in a front of the screen, get tired eyes, maybe they feel a bit dry, or you get a headache? The KLIM Protect will solve this, your eyes will be rested, you will be more attentive. If you play video games this will allow you to play at peak performance.
  • Affordable price. We have identified an issue within the blue light filtering glasses market. You either have expensive glasses, that are not for every budget, or very cheap glasses that give you bogus protection. With KLIM Protect we wanted to offer great protection, at a reasonable price.
  • High quality. Our glasses filter 86% of the blue light (400 nm), way higher than the industry average (60%). The lenses are German made. They will also protect you against harmful UV rays. The frame is made of TR90 material which is very robust and light. The glasses only weigh 23g, you’ll hardly notice you have them on.

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Weight 23 g
Dimensions 14.5 × 3.2 × 3.5 cm

1 review for KLIM Protect

  1. 4 out of 5

    Giammarco_Dionisio (verified owner)

    Ho acquistato i Klim Protect per verificare personalmente i benefici che possono portare se indossati.
    Premetto che tra lavoro e tempo libero passo molte ore davanti allo schermo, quindi uso per parecchie ore questi occhiali.
    Sono rimasto di gran lunga sorpreso quando dopo un paio di giorni non sono riuscito più a farne a meno: la differenza rispetto a prima è tangibile.
    L’occhio è molto meno affaticato anche nelle ore del mattino dove la luce non manca. Sono molto leggeri e non danno fastidio, le lenti lievemente ingiallite ovviamente non sono graduate.
    Se come me non avete problemi di vista, è di sicuro un articolo che dovreste realmente valutare, al fine per preservare il più possibile l’occhio dalla “luce blu” emessa dai monitor recenti.
    Di sicuro sarebbe stato carino avere una scelta più ampia sulle montature, l’estetica non gioca molto a favore di questi occhiali.
    Ma non mi sento di penalizzarli, quindi … promossi!

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