KLIM K300 Office Chair

KLIM K300 Office Chair


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KLIM K300 Office Chair

  • Ergonomic office chair with back support and headrest
  • Soft Cushions and Fabric
  • Holds up to 110 kg
  • Computer chair for home and office
  • 5 year warranty

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An ergonomic chair is arguably the most important piece of equipment in any office. Sure, you could settle for a basic chair, but chances are you won't be able to sit for long before your back starts aching. Don't risk it: make a safe bet with the KLIM Office Chair, you'll be spending years of your life sitting on it!


Keeping a good posture thanks to a high-quality chair not only prevents health issues, it also boosts your productivity. While using it you'll have fewer distractions due to discomfort or pain, you will need to take fewer breaks and you will be more focused on the work at hand.


With a maximum supported weight of 110 kg, this chair adapts perfectly to teenagers and adults of almost all complexions. Easily raise or lower the seat to keep your legs in an adequate position. Also, its full-sized backrest and headrest ensures full support for your upper back.


  • INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH. You spend hundreds of hours at your desk every month, so having a good quality chair with arms becomes essential for your well being and productivity. The KLIM Office Chair helps you keep a perfect posture as it supports your lower back and neck area. This greatly reduces the risk of suffering from common injuries and complications that come as a result of using regular, low quality office chairs. Invest in your health now and reap the benefits for years!
  • EVERYTHING YOU CAN ASK TO A DESK CHAIR. Enjoy an ergonomic chair tailored to your needs. We have focused on the essentials: high quality cushions, adaptive backrest and adjustable seat height, plus a comfortable head rest to alleviate tension on your neck. The seat’s cushioned foam and soft anti-perspiration fabric ensures maximum comfort whether you sit for 10 minutes or 10 hours (we still recommend taking a break once an hour to stretch your legs!).
  • THE PROFESSIONAL OFFICE YOU NEED. We know that aesthetics are important: perhaps you do not see it this way but office decoration is often a reflection of the person working in it. Where you sit speaks of you. We have opted for a simple but elegant design that will certainly make an impression in any setting. It’s great to use at home or in a public office desk.
  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE AND PROTECT YOUR BACK. We have carefully designed the chair’s backrest to provide maximum support in key areas of your back. The lever under the seat lets you change the seat height and toggle the rocking mechanism for a more relaxed posture. Mobility is also be important: you’ll be able to move the chair around easily thanks to its freely rotating wheels.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE + WARRANTY. We are determined to offer only long-lasting products, and this chair is no different. By using high quality materials such as wear-resistant fabric, a high resilience piston, durable ABS plastic and sturdy caster, your chair will not be breaking anytime soon. It can safely withstand a maximum of 110 kg and is recommended for people up to 180 m. And remember, you are covered by our solid 5-year warranty and responsive 24-hour customer support.

Additional information

Dimensions 73 × 27 × 63 cm
Product Weight

12.5 kg

Max Height

1.80 m

Max Weight

110 kg


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