KLIM K120E Electric Standing Desk

KLIM K120E Electric Standing Desk


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KLIM K120E Electric Standing Desk 160 x 60 cm

  • Enjoy the best posture
  • Desk With Adjustable Height 70-120 CM
  • Reliable motors and materials
  • Easy Installation
  • 2 colors: Walnut and White

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Keep your headset, handbag or briefcase always at hand.


Find the best position for the control panel.


No more power adapters floating about. Safety first!


Enjoy a clutter-free desktop and become more productive.


  • INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH. Humans are not meant to sit at desk for 8 hours a day, and many are now paying the price: bad postures, constant back pain and poor blood circulation. Thanks to the KLIM K120E you can alternate between sitting and standing while you work or play. Within days you will feel the difference in your posture and feel any discomfort go away. Imagine the difference it will make for your whole body over the course of the years!
  • EASY INSTALLATION. This standing desk is very straight-forward to assemble. With a detailed guide in English and all required tools included in the package, you’ll get the table up and running in less than an hour. We’ve even pre-assembled some parts for you to make it simpler. All that’s left is to simply attach the legs to the tabletop and install the control panel: you’ll enjoy your new electric standing desk right away!
  • QUALITY FINISH FOR AN ELEGANT OFFICE. Most other adjustable standing desks come in several pieces, creating an annoying gap down the middle. The KLIM K120E’s desk top is made of a single piece of wood, so it looks smooth and stylish. Combining dark metal legs with the wooden table top, it looks great in every setting: home, office, bedroom, living room…
  • RELIABLE MOTORS + SAFETY FEATURES. Equipped with two powerful motors, you’ll be able to use this for years and years without any extra maintenance or fear of parts breaking down. Your safety is our top priority, so we’ve added many safety features such as anti-collision stop, weight limit warning and motor auto-shutdown. This standing desk comes with an extraordinary 20-year warranty plus our 24/7 customer service at your disposal. It’s a completely safe purchase.
  • MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE DURING USE + LEFT OR RIGHT INSTALLATION. Details are everything, so we’ve paid extra attention to all these little things that make your everyday life a bit easier. You can install the control panel and headset hook on either the right or left sides (we got you, lefties!). The free net we provide is great to keep power adapters and cables tidy under the table. Speaking of cables, pass them through the gap at the back and remove clutter from your desk.

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120 x 60 x (70-120) cm


28 kg


White, Walnut


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