KLIM Fusion C

KLIM Fusion C


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  • BUILT TO LAST + WARRANTY. There’s a recurrent problem with other earphones: they often tend to simply stop working after a few months. We prefer to be honest: when it comes to electronics there’s always going to be some defects. We focused on building a product that lasts. 98.5% of our head phones still work after 6 months and 97% after a year. We’re confident enough in our product to offer a 5 year warranty, something you’ll find is quite rare for electronics. This is a zero risk purchase.
  • HIGH QUALITY AUDIO + IN-BUILT MICROPHONE. You will surely get a higher quality audio output with £100 earphones. But KLIM Fusion offers the absolute best sound quality for its price range, if you want high quality audio at an affordable price, you won’t get better value for your money anywhere else. Enjoy your music without breaking the bank. The earphones feature an in-built microphone and handy volume control. Note: these features may not be available for all Android devices.
  • COMFORTABLE. The KLIM Fusion earphones are fitted with memory foam which will retain the shape of your ear for a perfect fit. Some people may prefer more standardized in-ear extensions so we’re providing 3 additional pairs of all sizes. The sturdy metal heads are magnetized so you can conveniently wrap them around your neck and avoid any cable entanglement
  • MEMORY FOAM EAR TIPS. This innovative feature has a two fold advantage 1) they’re extremely comfortable and fit your ears perfectly and 2) they are noise cancelling so they completely block out outside sounds. Once they’re in your ears, it’s just you and your music.
  • CONVENIENT USB-C CONNECTION. More and more devices are removing the 3.5 mm audio port from their devices, so traditional wired earphones will not work on them. There are adapters available, but they often cause all sorts of trouble and compatibility issues, not to mention they are quite inconvenient to use. The KLIM Fusion USB-C earphones can be plugged in directly to your Android device so you can start enjoying your music, videos and calls immediately.

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Dimensions 160 × 5 × 1.1 cm


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