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  • BUILT TO LAST + WARRANTY. There’s a recurrent problem with other earphones: they often tend to simply stop working after a few months. We prefer to be honest: when it comes to electronics there’s always going to be some defects. We focused on building a product that lasts. 98.5% of our head phones still work after 6 months and 97% after a year. We’re confident enough in our product to offer a 5 year warranty, something you’ll find is quite rare for electronics. This is a zero risk purchase.
  • HIGH QUALITY AUDIO + IN-BUILT MICROPHONE. You will surely get a higher quality audio output with £100 earphones. But KLIM Fusion offers the absolute best sound quality for its price range, if you want high quality audio at an affordable price, you won’t get better value for your money anywhere else. Enjoy your music without breaking the bank. The earphones feature an in-built microphone and handy volume control.
  • COMFORTABLE. The KLIM Fusion earphones are fitted with memory foam which will retain the shape of your ear for a perfect fit. Some people may prefer more standardized in-ear extensions so we’re providing 3 additional pairs of all sizes. The sturdy metal heads are magnetized so you can conveniently wrap them around your neck and avoid any cable entanglement
  • QUICK PAIRING + LOW LATENCY. Connecting the KLIM Fusion wireless earphones to your device is very easy and can be done within seconds. Once paired, the earphones will remember your device and connect automatically when close to it. Featuring a new generation chipset, you will be able to enjoy your music and media with almost no delay, unlike previous Bluetooth versions.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED DESIGN. KLIM Fusion have a confident gamer look. At KLIM we prefer a design which stands out while retaining some minimalist traits, if this is what you’re looking for, the KLIM Fusion earphones will be perfect for you. We have also included an elegant carry pouch to keep your earphones safe at all times. BONUS : Receive the eBook: “7 tips to keep your computer alive longer and maximize its performance” for free by email after your purchase.

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Dimensions 2.6 × 1.1 × 63 cm

About KLIM

KLIM Technologies is now one of the top brands for audio equipment in Europe. We came from nothing, belong to no large corporation, have no outside investors. Our success only depends on your satisfaction. This is why we offer quality, durable products. Our goal is that you can get your product with this peace of mind. We believe that we should put our money where our mouth is. If you enjoy the product, we win. If we fail to deliver, we lose.


KLIM Fusion earphones are extremely comfortable and offer exceptional audio quality with no buzzing or muffled sounds. We are proud to make high-quality sound available for everyone.

They are equipped with memory foam ear tips which remember the shape of your ear once placed inside for maximum comfort and external noise isolation.


With memory foam tips, KLIM Fusion are very different from the ordinary earbuds offered by most brands. Each ear is different, this is why we developed those shape-memory tips.

This foam is extremely comfortable and able to keep the shape taken by the earbud in your ear. This prevents ear pain, even after many hours of use. This is why we offer 4 replacement earbuds which you can exchange very easily in order to find the best fit for every user. With different sizes and rubber tips for people used to more traditional tips, you are sure to find the tips that match your ears with KLIM Fusion.


Most earbuds you see on the market either come with a mediocre quality or for an exorbitant cost. KLIM wanted to design a product offering a good audio quality at a reasonable cost, affordable for all.

KLIM Fusion offer an audio quality on par with the perfect quality you would get with a headset. You can listen to music, watch movies or play video games with no crackles, bass issues or echo sensations, all of that without breaking the bank.


The KLIM Fusion Wireless bring you the latest Bluetooth technology and put it together with high-quality speakers to offer you an impressive audio experience. This stylish set of earphones will go everywhere with you so you can listen to your favorite multimedia at any time. Their high capacity battery allows you to enjoy them for long periods of time without having to worry about recharging the headphones.

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