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KLIM F1 USB-C Earphones

  • With microphone
  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • Long-lasting Wired Earphones
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Type C USB Headphones
  • Comfortable Memory Foam Tips
  • Media Controls
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The KLIM F1 USB-C is the perfect accessory for your phone or tablet. Simply connect it to your device's USB port and start enjoying your music. It includes a convenient volume controller and a built-in microphone for your recordings and calls. While these earphones are supported by a large number of devices, some features such as calls and microphone usage may not be supported depending on the specific phone model and Android version you are using. Please check your compatibility or text us to make sure that the earphones work properly on your device.


With memory foam tips, KLIM F1 are very different from the ordinary earbuds offered by most brands. Each ear is different, this is why we developed those shape-memory tips. This foam is extremely comfortable and able to keep the shape taken by the earbud in your ear. This prevents ear pain, even after many hours of use. This is why we offer 4 replacement earbuds which you can exchange very easily in order to find the best fit for every user.


Most earbuds you see on the market either come with a mediocre quality or for an exorbitant fee. KLIM wanted to design a product offering a good audio quality at a reasonable cost, affordable for all. KLIM F1 offer an audio quality on par with the perfect quality you would get with a headset. You can listen to music, watch movies or play video games with no crackles, bass issues or echo sensations, all of that without breaking the bank. We’re sure you will enjoy the great bass!


Generic earbuds have the tendency to sustain wear and tear very quickly when you bring them with you in your daily commute. We have designed KLIM F1 with great care in terms of components and manufacturing, so that they can be as durable as possible. 98.5% of our head phones are still working after 6 months and 97% still operational after a year, way more than the average in the industry. Unfortunately perfection is impossible but we're confident in our products and we live by our word: if your earphones have any defect within the first 5 years after you buy them, we're right here for you. This is a zero-risk purchase.


  • EXCELLENT SOUND + BUILT-IN MICROPHONE. Enjoy crisp and crystal-clear sound with the F1 Earphones. Whether you want to listen to powerful beats or to perfectly understand a podcast, these headphones match all your needs. They’re excellent for phone calls too thanks to their built-in microphone & convenient multimedia controls. Note: mic and controls are compatible with phones only.
  • SAVE PHONE BATTERY. Did you know that corded earphones can save you a lot of battery on your phone? Bluetooth devices eat up batteries much faster than wired ones. Make the smart choice and enjoy your music for a full day instead of just a few hours. Since they don’t have a battery, the F1 wired earphones are always ready for action!
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY + MAGNETIC TIPS: Reinforced cables are proven to significantly increase earphones’ durability. We have focused on strengthening delicate contact points near the earphone heads. You can be sure these in-ear earphones won’t give you any hassle for years! The earphone heads are magnetized for easy storage and transport.
  • COMFORTABLE + SPARES: You’re going to be wearing these ear phones for many hours straight, so they must be comfortable. The F1 headphones come equipped with innovative memory foam earbud tips that block outside noise and give you a nice, snug fit in your ear. If you still prefer traditional rubber tips, we’ve included 2 pairs (big and small) so you can exchange them.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY + EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are so confident in this product’s reliability that we offer a 5 year warranty, so it is a completely risk-free purchase. This is extremely rare on a product at this price point: you can be sure you are making the best purchase! Our specialists are available for you 24/7: contact us before or after your purchase and we’ll be delighted to assist you!

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