KLIM Glacier

KLIM Glacier


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KLIM Glacier Laptop Cooler

  • 6 Fans Laptop Cooling Stand
  • With RGB backlighting
  • 11″ – 17″ laptops
  • Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad
  • USB Powered
  • Stable And Silent
  • For PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One

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The KLIM Glacier is the latest model in the world of laptop cooling. The six powerful fans reduce your laptop's temperature quickly and effectively, and the two speed buttons let you control the fan speed. It features a sturdy metal grid to grant its incredible durability. To top it off, the elegant RGB backlighting is a perfect fit for any gaming setup, though you have the option to toggle the lights off for a less flashy appearance.


Measuring 395 x 280 mm, the impressive surface of the KLIM Glacier is big enough for any type of laptop. Even if you have a powerful 17.3-inch behemoth, this laptop stand will remain perfectly stable. It is compatible with smaller models as well, such as the popular 15.6" and 13" sizes. With an additional dual USB port at the back, you will not lose one of the precious ports in your computer.


We spend lots of hours in front of a computer every day. Experts recommend keeping an adequate posture to prevent discomfort and even chronic conditions. Screen height and keyboard angle play a very important role in this. To help you keep the best posture all the time, the KLIM Glacier comes equipped with a height regulation system that lets you choose your preferred angle, up to a 37-degree position in the highest setting.


Overheating is a serious issue that heavily affects your laptop's performance. As a result, games will have lower FPS and visual quality, and everyday tasks such as opening documents or browsing the web become tedious. Put a fix to this by keeping your laptop's temperature within reasonable values and simply enjoy using your computer once more!


  • A RELATABLE INCIDENT. Most of us have already been there: your laptop starts running slowly, to the point of freezing up sometimes. This has been happening for a while and you never paid too much attention to it as it wasn’t THAT bad… until it’s too late. Now it’s just frustrating and your mood gets ruined every time you need to work or play videogames using your computer.
  • LOOKING FOR SOLUTIONS. You could waste time and money trying to find the cause, hiring IT services, waiting for the manufacturer to give you a solution, or even buying a new, expensive laptop because “this one is just too old”. However, the reason for those slowdowns is usually simpler than that: overheating is causing trouble. At KLIM, we want the best for you and offer you a simple and inexpensive solution to cool down your laptop.
  • AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT. Wave goodbye to those laptop slow-downs with the KLIM Glacier laptop cooler. As soon as the 6 fans start spinning, you won’t have to worry about overheating anymore, even in summer. Play your favorite games at full performance and never miss a work or study deadline. Enjoy your laptop as it is meant to and savour this new-found peace of mind about one of your most valuable tools.
  • ELEGANT, STURDY, EFFECTIVE. This cooling pad is a great solution to cool even the biggest gaming laptops. It comes equipped with 6 fans spinning at 2100 RPM which create a powerful airflow, decreasing the temperature in mere seconds. Adjust the fan speed easily with the buttons on the front and use the RGB button to select one of your 7 preferred backlighting effects.
  • DURABLE + EXTENDED WARRANTY. The KLIM Glacier’s ABS structure and sturdy metal grid significantly increases its durability. Furthermore, we are so confident in our products that we offer a 5 year warranty on this model, which makes this a completely risk-free purchase for you. Protect your precious laptop today so it runs perfectly tomorrow: it will never let you down again!

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Dimensions 42.7 × 31.7 × 4.3 cm

1.13 kg

Noise Level

38-42 dB


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