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KLIM Cyclone is the most powerful cooling pad on the market. This extra large model is perfectly suitable for all laptop sizes.

It cools effectively in less than a minute thanks to its 5 powerful fans, and maximizes the duration of your computer.

Silent and very durable, this product is truly built to last. Also usable for a gaming console, the Cyclone is equipped with 2 USB ports so you do not lose one.

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The KLIM Cyclone is one of the most powerful laptop cooling pad available on the market. This model embeds 5 fans, 4 of which can reach up to 2200 revolutions per minute each and the fifth one 1200 RPM.

When putting your laptop on top of it, you’re sure to cool it down in less than a minute, dropping back to reasonable temperatures optimized to lengthen the lifespan of your laptop and avoid any slowness.


KLIM Cyclone is our largest model, it fits laptops from any size. From 11 to 19 inches, the Cyclone will cover the whole area that needs to be cooled below your laptop to allow for a quick drop of its components temperature.

Last generation gaming laptops usually feature a 17 inches screen size. KLIM Cyclone is designed for those massive and powerful laptops which other smaller coolers cannot handle.


We often think a laptop cooler is noisy but the KLIM Cyclone manages to reach a high performance while staying quiet. It doesn’t exceed 27 dB in operation. To give you an idea, a whisper or the rustling of leaves produces 20 dB.

The KLIM Cyclone also offers the ability to illuminate your desk thanks to its LED lights below each fan. A small support can also be attached on the base of the KLIM Cyclone to prevent your laptop from slipping.


Our very first product was a laptop cooler. Since then we have developed a strong expertise in this very precise product and are able to confidently bring affordable yet effective and long-lasting products to the market. We wanted to provide an effective cooling pad for gamers that you could use on even the most performing gaming laptops. The KLIM Cyclone was born.


  • An investment. This cooling pad is an investment: no component overheating, maximises the life expectancy of your PC and boosts its performance.
  • Large model. Slightly wider than KLIM Wind. Covers the following sizes: 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 16″. Compatible with the following sizes: 17″, 18″, 19″. With these sizes, the laptop will extend over the edges of the cooling pad but will remain perfectly stable. KLIM Cyclone itself is extremely stable – it will stay completely still.
  • The most powerful on the market. The KLIM Cyclone dethrones his smaller brother the KLIM Wind. With 4 fans rotating at a speed of 2200 RPM and 1 fan at 1200 RPM, you won’t find anything more powerful. It’s a high performance cooling pad with the ability to cool down your laptop to a reasonable temperature in under a minute. Its 5 fans allow the KLIM Cyclone to cool down every single area of your laptop.
  • Thought out design and built to last. KLIM Cyclone is a level above the other ventilated supports in terms of design and the quality of materials used. We offer a 5 year warranty, proving our confidence in our product. It’s a no risk purchase.
  • Multifunctional. KLIM Cyclone has 2 USB ports in order to leave you with 1 free port. It will cool your PC regardless of its age or of the intensity of its use. Our clients have had excellent results for gaming, photo, video editing and old laptops. If your laptop is overheating and slowing down the cooling action will certainly enhance its performance. It can also be used with PS4, Xbox One or Wii.

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Weight 810 g
Dimensions 41.4 × 29.3 × 3.3 cm

Blue, Red, White

1 review for KLIM Cyclone

  1. 5 out of 5

    Quentin Gangneron (verified owner)

    Fait très bien ce qu’on lui demande, je diminue la température de mes CPU et GPU d’environ 6-8°, les ventilateurs sont peu bruyant (moins que ceux du PC), s’adapte parfaitement à mon ordinateur (MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE), les pieds sont vraiment un plus avec les 7 positions disponibles. Par contre la calle sur le dessus est à mon sens inutile et mal positionné pour accueillir le PC, mais il y a une très bonne stabilité juste avec la grille, même en étant surélevé avec les pieds (avec les patins de mon PC). Autre avantage, malgré sa taille assez imposante, je trouve le design relativement discret (Ventilateurs transparents avec la couleur blanche) et fait moins gamer visuellement que d’autres modèles (pratique pour une utilisation mixte professionnelle et gaming).

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