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KLIM Breeze is a high performance USB desk fan/table fan. Silent and adjustable.

  • Instant cool down. You’ll be surprised by the power of the KLIM Breeze given its small size. The fan rotates at more than 3,500 revolutions per minute.
  • Easy to carry. With its weight of only 250g and its 14cm x 12cm x 18.5cm size, it is extremely light and compact.
  • Built to last, warrantied with Customer Support. We strive to design electronic devices with superior quality components that last. If you encounter any issue, you will be covered by our 5 year warranty. You can buy this product at no risk.
  • Silent and stylish. Don’t be afraid to put the KLIM Breeze on your desk. Of course, a fan can never be truly silent, it’s physics after all. However, the KLIM Breeze was designed to produce the least possible noise despite its power.
  • Plug it anywhere. The USB connector can be used anywhere – in a computer, with a USB adapter, power supply or with a power bank.

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Weight 230 g
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 18.5 cm

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KLIM Technologies is now one of the top brands for laptop cooling and personal fans in Europe. We came from nothing, belong to no large corporation, have no outside investors. Our success only depends on your satisfaction. This is why we offer quality, durable electronics. Our goal is that you can get your cooler with this peace of mind. We believe that we should put our money where our mouth is. If you enjoy the product, we win. If we fail to deliver, we lose.


Your days facing extreme summer heat are gone thanks to KLIM Breeze. It cools very quickly despite its size; you’ll be surprised by its power. Its fan rotates at a speed of 2000 rotations per minute!


With a weight of only 250 g and measuring 14 x 12 x 18.5 cm, it is extremely light and compact. You can cool down anywhere as long as you have access to a USB port. It works with computers, USB chargers and power outlets, and even portable power banks.


We want to offer you the best which is why we put great effort in designing electronic devices. They are manufactured with superior quality components that are built to last.


We don’t want you to go through the hassle of installing or connecting bulky appliances to keep cool. These are often hard to assemble, or make an awful lot of noise. KLIM Breeze can be placed anywhere and stays quiet. Cool down while you play or work without excessive noise is now possible thanks to KLIM Breeze.

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