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  • MULTIPURPOSE. We use a mouse pad practically every day when working, playing or browsing the web. And we spend most our time near our phones (actually, right now yours is probably in your pocket, on your desk or in your hand). This 2-in-1 solution gets you a high-quality mousepad for optimal mouse handling AND the convenience of a wireless charging pad for your phone, all in one.
  • QUALITY FINISHING. We have designed the KLIM Makepad’s surface to perfectly track any motion from your mouse sensor. It is also very soft, so you won’t feel any irritation in your palms or wrists while moving your mouse. The anti-slip base ensures it always stays in place to avoid any unwanted movements.
  • AESTHETICS + AVOID CLUTTER. Keep your desktop much tidier with this elegant mouse pad! This 2-in-1 solution is not only an excellent mouse pad in itself, it also lets you wirelessly charge any compatible phones. This greatly reduces the clutter on your desk and makes it very easy for you to charge your phone while you use your computer. Instead of reaching out for the charging cable every time, simply put use the phone charger on the KLIM Makepad. Super convenient!
  • DURABLE MATERIALS + WARRANTY. At KLIM, we take the durability of our products very seriously. Whether it’s a set of inexpensive earphones or a high-end gaming chair, it must last many years. This mouse pad is no exception and features high-quality materials and great craftsmanship to extend its life expectancy. We are so confident in its reliability that we offer a 5 year warranty with it. It’s a completely risk-free purchase!
  • ULTRA FAST WIRELESS CHARGER + ADAPTER INCLUDED. Using the supplied adapter, the KLIM Makepad charges your device at a faster rate than with conventional wireless chargers. Charging speed varies depending on your device’s specifications, however this fast charger has been designed for optimal charging speed. The power adapter comes with a long 2-meter cable that will make it very easy for you to connect it to your power outlet or computer. NOTE: adapter not compatible with standard UK sockets.

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