KLIM Fusion Bluetooth

The KLIM Fusion Bluetooth are our new in-ear earphones, ideal to listen to your music at any time of the day. They offer the new shape memory foam. It remembers the shape that the earphone will have once inside your ear for perfect comfort and total isolation!

CAREFUL DESIGN. KLIM Fusion have a great look. At KLIM, we prefer a design that stands out all the while keeping a minimalistic look. If this is also your case, the KLIM Fusion earphones will be a perfect fit for you.

TESTED AND PROVED. Since 2017, more than 400 000 customers have bought the wired and wireless KLIM Fusion, the former being among the best selling earphones on Amazon Europe. The KLIM Fusion have been conceived to be comfortable, offer high sound quality and great durability. They are very convenient for any type of use, from listening to music during your daily commute to other activities such as doing sports. With a battery life of 6-hour of continuous playback, they will last the whole day


There can be issues with most earphones: they have a tendency to stop working after a few months. We prefer to be honest: when it comes to electronics, there will always be some faults. For this product, we have focused on durability, with 99 % of earphones working after 6 months, and 98.5 % after a year. This is why we are confident enough to offer a 5-year warranty, which is quite a rare find in

HIGH AUDIO QUALITY. You will get a better sound quality with 100 € earphones. But the KLIM Fusion offer the best audio quality within its price range. If you want to enjoy high audio quality at a reasonable price, you will not find anything with better value. Enjoy your music without breaking the bank.

COMFORTABLE. It’s an innovation. These ear tips have a double advantage: 1) they are extremely comfortable, adjusting perfectly to your ears and 2) they completely isolate you from external noise. Once in your ears, there will be nothing but you and your music. Some people prefer traditional ear tips: we provide 3 pairs in different sizes.