Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions


These Program Terms and Conditions (also “Program Terms” or simply “Terms”) indicate the terms and conditions applicable to the “KLIM Loyalty Program” (also “Loyalty Program” or “Program”), managed by Marcus Excelsior Ltd (also “we”, “us”, “the company”). In these Program Terms, “you,” “your,” or “loyal customer” refer to the person who has successfully registered for the Program.

In these Program Terms, whenever “KLIM Store” is used, it refers solely to the online shop at www.klimtechs.com/shop. It does not refer to any external marketplaces (physical or online) even if the nomenclature on said external sites may be the same.

By registering to the Loyalty Program, you accept these Terms as well as our PRIVACY POLICY, available at https://klimtechs.com/privacy-policy/.

You agree that Marcus Excelsior Limited Ltd may change these terms at any time without notice, even if it may affect current or future rewards or benefits derived from the Loyalty Program. You agree that this Program may be terminated at any point, in which case no liability or compensation shall be offered to registered users.


Any person who has purchased a KLIM product on our Official Stores (website, Amazon KLIM store or authorised physical retailers) from January 1st 2020 onwards is eligible to enroll in the Program. To do so, you enter a valid Loyalty Card Number at www.klimtechs.com/loyalty and create an account on the www.klimtechs.com site (or use an already created account).

You agree that proof of purchase may be required for the validation of the Card Number, either for the initial registration or for any subsequent product registrations. Any benefits may be withdrawn if valid proof of a legitimate purchase is not provided by you.

Marketing and communications

You agree and give permission to Marcus Excelsior Ltd. to send you relevant emails including but not limited to information about the Loyalty Program, promotional offers of new or existing products, and updates regarding your registration to the Program.

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list by writing an email to [email protected].

We value your personal data and privacy

Any information you provide by registering to the KLIM Loyalty Program, as well as records gathered while your registration is active (including but not limited to your order history, email communications or behavioural statistics) is stored so that you can enjoy the benefits of the KLIM Loyalty Program. You agree that this information can be shared with external parties (such as software used for Loyalty Program benefits). Under no circumstances will this information be sold to third parties.

Program benefits

KLIM Coins

By registering your account to the Loyalty Program, you will be able to start collecting redeemable points (known as KLIM Coins) that you can use for discounts on the KLIM Store only (https://klimtechs.com/shop/). You can obtain KLIM Coins by:

  1. Registering a new product by entering the Loyalty Card Number
  2. Purchasing select products on the KLIM Store
  3. As manual or automatic updates on your account balance due to special promotions.

KLIM Coins have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for real currency. They can only be used to obtain discounts on the KLIM Store. The discount value is as follows, depending on the currency used on checkout:

  • For orders in Euros (EUR): 10 KLIM Coins = 1 EUR discount
  • For orders placed in Sterling Pounds (GBP): 10 KLIM Coins = 1 GBP discount
  • For orders placed in US Dollars (USD): 10 KLIM Coins = 1 USD discount

You agree that these values may be changed (even retroactively) at any time without prior notice.

Once the KLIM Coins have been spent, they are not recoverable except in the event of a product return covered in our Warranty (see information about warranties at https://klimtechs.com/returns-warranty/). If there is an approved refund involving an order where KLIM Coins have been redeemed, the corresponding KLIM Coins will be added to your balance (pro rata in case of partial refunds) but they will not be refunded as actual currency.

You agree that KLIM Coins cannot be transferred to a different user account, and that KLIM Coins can only be redeemed when they have obtained via authorized methods and linked to a) actual purchases/orders or b) authorized manual adjustments performed by Marcus Excelsior Ltd.

Marcus Excelsior Ltd. reserves the right to cancel KLIM Coins redemption and modify your account balance for any reason, including but not limited to technical or human error or suspicions of fraud/hacking.

To enjoy the discount associated with the KLIM Coins, these must be redeemed within 365 days from the date when the KLIM Coins were added to your account.

Exclusive discounts

Members of the Loyalty Program have a 10 % discount for select items in the KLIM Store. This discount is automatically applied while browsing the KLIM Store. KLIM Coins can be redeemed on orders with this special discount and are cumulative.

Program termination

By the user

You can cancel your subscription to the Loyalty Program at any point by contacting [email protected]. Account deletion also erases all your KLIM Coins, which become unrecoverable. In case you want to keep your account but want to stop receiving email notifications, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list by writing an email to [email protected].

By the company

Marcus Excelsior Ltd. may cancel this Loyalty Program at any time at their discretion, in which case no liability or compensation shall be offered to registered users.

Conditions updated on 21/12/2022