KLIM Boombox B4

KLIM Boombox B4


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KLIM Lettore CD Stereo Boombox B4

  • AM/FM Radio con Lettore CD e USB, Bluetooth, AUX
  • Filo o Wireless
  • Batteria ricaricabile
  • Telecomando, Standby automatico e EQ Digitale
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Goditi la musica in formato lossless a casa, in ufficio o in viagio. Riproduci i tuoi audiolibri preferiti in formato CD o dal tuo dispositivo attraverso Spotify / iTunes grazie alla connettività Bluetooth.


Abbiamo realizzato questo sistema audio portatile per essere una rivisitazione moderna dei classici boombox. È leggero, resistente ed ha un manico pratico per renderlo facile da trasportare.





Grazie alla batteria ricaricabile intgrata, puoi portare il Boombox B4 ovunque con te. Ogni volta che lo colleghi alla presa a casa le batterie si ricaricano in automatico, così il divertimento non si ferma mai!





  •  NON FERMARE LA MUSICA + RADIO AM/FM. Abbiamo scelto le migliori componenti per lo stereo Boombox B4 per fornirti la migliore esperienza d’ascolto. Goditi la tua collezione di CD Audio o ascolta la tua stazione radio preferita (AM o FM). Con la pressione di un pulsante puoi scansionare e salvare fino a 20 stazioni per un accesso rapido e molto pratico! Se vuoi che questa radio portatile stereo ti accompagni tra le braccia di Orfeo, approfitta della funzione di spegnimento automatico.
  • ALIMENTAZIONE TRAMITE CAVO O BATTERIE RICARICABILI. Non dovrai più acquistare un’infinità di batterie. KLIM Boombox B4 è dotato di batterie ricaricabili di alta qualità grazie alle quali risparmierai denaro e seccature nel tempo, poiché non dovrai più acquistare ogni volta quelle usa e getta. In poche settimane, la somma che spenderesti per le batterie supererebbe il prezzo di acquisto dello stereo CD portatile. Risparmierai denaro e aiuterai l’ambiente. Fai un investimento intelligente.
  • DESIGN COMPATTO + OTTIMA CONNETTIVITÀ. La radio stereo portatile KLIM Boombox è compatta e stilosa: puoi metterla in ogni stanza e si abbinerà a qualsiasi arredamento. È dotata di connettività Bluetooth ed ingresso ausiliare (AUX) grazie ai quali potrai collegarlo al telefono o ad altri altoparlanti. Puoi anche inserire una chiavetta USB e ascoltare migliaia di brani di successo in formato MP3.
  • DURABILITÀ + GARANZIA. Ci impegniamo a realizzare dispositivi elettronici di eccellenza, utilizzando componenti resistenti della migliore qualità. In caso di problemi, il prodotto è coperto da una garanzia di 5 anni. Se quando ricevi il prodotto non ti piace, puoi restituirlo gratuitamente ad Amazon entro 30 giorni ed essere completamente rimborsato. È un acquisto completamente privo di rischi.
  • FACILE DA USARE + ASSISTENZA CLIENTI ECCEZIONALE. Questa radio lettore cd è perfetta per tutti, dai più giovani ai più anziani. Grazie ai pulsanti di grandi dimensioni, all’utilizzo intuitivo, al telecomando ed al manuale d’istruzioni in Italiano molto esaustivo, chiunque può utilizzare il lettore cd, bambini inclusi. Per qualsiasi dubbio o problema il nostro Team di Supporto è a tua disposizione tutti i giorni, anche durante weekend e festivi.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 2050 g
Dimensioni 30 × 22.5 × 12.5 cm

57 recensioni per KLIM Boombox B4

  1. 5 di 5

    D. ClarkeD. Clarke

    Nice sound but radio has problems📻💿

    My first impression wasn’t good, as the box fell apart in my hands. I was disappointed that it seemed to be mains powered only. I was wrong. The mains power charges an internal battery.The boom box seems to be well constructed and has good sound quality. It has a lot of playing options, including an Aux In port that allows me to attach my old record deck. The CD player opens upwards, rather than the more common sliding drawer type, but plays well.The machine is not very responsive to its remote control.Tuning the FM radio is sadly lacking. You can either tune it very slowly by hand or get it to search for stations. Once it has found them you can move between them with previous/next buttons. If you turn off the power, it forgets the results of the scan and you have to do it again. AM doesn’t even seem to have the scan option. There is no DAB, which is surprising, given that it has so much other capability and that AM and FM are going to be phased out in the UK.

  2. 5 di 5

    Perfect Moment

    The grandchildren love this!

    I got this KLIM Boombox B4 CD Player Portable Audio System for their playroom and the grandkids love it. Their music isn’t to my taste, but with the headphones or low volume, it’s a blessing to occupy them for a while. Well made, good sound and AM/FM tuner, I’m thinking of getting one for myself.

  3. 5 di 5


    un produit valable

    Je l’utilise surtout pour écouter des CD. sans être excellent, le son est assez bon. Je n’écoute pas la musique très fort, je ne peux donc juger la qualité des basses pour de la musique écoutée plus fort.Le côté radio n’est pas concluant. Je n’arrive pas à capter de stations FM stables. pourtant je suis au dernier étage d’un immeuble.Le design est assez chouette.En conclusion, un poste radio/CD qui peut servir mais qui n’est pas extraordinaire.

  4. 5 di 5


    An updated version of the classic boombox!

    I really like this – it’s like a retro boombox with radio and CD player, but also has bluetooth connectivity to connect with apps like Spotify etc. Great quality and we love it!

  5. 5 di 5


    It’s okay for the price but sound is not as good

    Having better quality multiplayer device (and 7 time more expensive than this boombox) I can say with clear heart that the sound quality is no near the to the one i already have. In fact, my multiplayer is main powered, not rechargeable like this boombox. Its also not portable, boombox is. I’ll use it in my garden when chilling or doing some work around.* For the £50 this boombox is not bad at all, especially when used outdoors if listening the radio. Indoor the sound is disrupted as the frequency is weaker. It adds some shhhhh noise and sound is not crisp.* The CD player lid opens so slowly, that’s a bit downside but sound quality is quite good with the CD.* this multiplayer is not as loud as I thought it could be. It goes only up to 30.* It’s easy to carry it around, the handle is well balanced.* The antenna sticks upright only when adjusted, not goes left or right.* Remote control is a bonus here and the fact that it comes with 2xAAA batteries is even better.* through Mode setting we can use Bluetooth connection with our phone (choose bt setting). Its useful feature.* I like the USB option so can use my own songs from USB pendrive.* boombox doesn’t remember previously used feature. It’s just goes on with radio automatically.All in all, it’s okay multiplayer for the price but we shouldn’t expect high-tech sound or volume from it. Its quite basic player 2hich does the job.

  6. 5 di 5

    Philippe G

    Globalement satisfaisant

    Globalement, cet appareil est très satisfaisant. Le rendu sonore est correct.J’apprécie l’alim directe en 220V, sans passer par un transfo externe.Lecteur CD : sans soucis, c’est basique, mais OKEntrée USB : RASEntrée BT : ne reconnaît que la dernière source connectée, mais c’est OKRadio : pas très ergonomique, pas de RDS, pas de skip à la fréquence suivante (uniquement à la preset suivante) ; 30 preset sur mon appareil, alors que la notice en indique 20La télécommande n’apporte, par rapport aux boutons sur l’appareil, que la saisie directe d’une fréquence radio. Elle n’est donc pas indispensable.L’affichage de l’heure aurait été agréable.

  7. 5 di 5

    Annabel Gaskell

    Poor sound quality and radio

    On paper, this device sounded good, but it doesn’t actually sound good. Very tinny speakers. All the buttons and the CD lid are a bit clunky. The method of switching it on is odd – you have to hold down the power button for a few seconds and then select the mode. The CD player works well enough, but I had trouble getting the radio to find my favourite radio station – BBC Radio 4 – on scanning it didn’t want to find it, but managed to find all the local commercial stations! This was while sitting next another radio which can pick up all the stations I want easily, leading me to think that the aerial is pants (it’s not very long). A bit disappointing.

  8. 5 di 5

    Mark Shackelford

    Easy to use

    Fun and easy to use.

  9. 5 di 5

    Mark G.Mark G.

    OK For the Price

    This isn’t a bad little portable sound unit for the price and arrived well packaged with all security seals intact.I was looking for something to play music when working in the garage and this fits the bill nicely.I have used all of the sound functions (AM, FM, CD, Bluetooth, USB) and they all work as expected.Sound quality is okay, but not brilliant as you would expect at this price point.. The sound level is fairly low, so I have it near maximum most of the time. There is also a noticeable improvement when the speakers are pointing straight at you. I noticed this when I moved it from down near the floor up to head height. Sound quality can also be improved slightly by cycling through the preset equaliser settings (pop, jazz, classic, rock).One frustrating thing is that there is no way to change between folders when playing MP3s from a USB stick. There is also nothing on the display to identify the track. It searches through all the subfolders on the USB stick and the first MP3 it finds is ‘1’, the second ‘2’ etc. If you have several albums on one USB stick this makes it difficult to find the album you want to play. I’m mainly using it to play music from my phone via Bluetooth, so it’s not a problem but it could be frustrating if you use the MP3 player mostly.The remote control works well and is responsive but you can’t turn the player on or put it in standby with the remote. This can only be done by pressing the volume control on the player itself.Another annoying thing is that the play mode is reset every time it is switched off. Each time it is switched on it defaults to FM radio. You then have to cycle through the modes to the one you want. The equaliser is also reset every time you switch the unit off. It would be more convenient if it remembered the mode and equaliser settings.It is supplied with a mains cable but also has a built-in rechargeable battery. It is quite light, so it really is very portable. It would be ideal if you want music whilst out and about at picnics etc. A full charge takes about five hours.The description of this unit also says it has RGB lighting built into the speakers. It does not, so if this is a feature you’re looking for you will be disappointed. I think this part of the product description has been cut and pasted from the description of another player from the same manufacturer.This is a cheap and cheerful music player which can play music from various sources and it is probably priced correctly at £49. I have knocked off a couple of stars for the lack of navigation when playing MP3s from a USB stick and the fact that it doesn’t remember what settings you last used when it is switched off.

  10. 5 di 5

    simon pilch

    boom box

    good size portable audio box, holds charge well and bluetooth link is good no lost connections, sound quality for a small box is really good, good bass and nice and loud, the radio signal is great too, overall very good value

  11. 5 di 5


    Good basic portable music system

    KLIM Boombox Portable Audio System. FM Radio, CD Player, Bluetooth, MP3, USB, AUX + Includes Rechargeable Batteries + Wired & Wireless Modes + Compact and Sturdy 2021The product I received was the ‘boombox’ audio system, together with power cable/plug, remote control, 2x batteries (for remote) and instructions.The design of this music system harks back to the old ‘boombox’ designs of the 80s/90s, but with the modern music system accessibility and smaller in size so very accessible/portable. The product allows you to listen to the radio (FM/AM), play CDs, MP3/USB – listening to music via Bluetooth. It has a standard power cable/plug, so you can use the product plugged in/charging. There is a rechargeable battery in the product (included/not replaceable) which means, once fully charged you can use the boombox wirelessly.When using the product, I had to use the volume at max (30) to get a good loud sound, however when using Bluetooth, I found I could greatly extend/increase the sound volume by using the volume control on my electronic device.This is a fun product, useful for people who like to use different mediums in which to listen to music (radio/CDs/Bluetooth…), being fully portable and easy to carry (handle incorporated in product) – ideal for taking out with you on days out/holidays and as a basic product at a low price point, good value for money.

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  12. 5 di 5

    Saundra Wright

    Great product.

    Perfect, compact music on the go!

  13. 5 di 5

    Eugene Onegin

    Easily Portable Audio

    The major advantages of this Boombox lie where you most want them-in its portability: the device is light with an easy to grip handle and is not too bulky to carry around. Add to these pluses an FM/AM Radio with aerial, auxiliary sockets for headphones and other sources , very quick Bluetooth pairing and a CD player at its heart and this system ticks quite a few boxes. In use the picture is a bit more mixed. The sound itself is not bad with decent instrument separation and fidelity but the voices is just a bit recessed and in the background. The speaker output tells you much-at 3 W you are not going to get a big party started despite the lights around the edge, but if you want a soundtrack to meeting friends in the park or eating a picnic this will do the job. I don’t especially like the design of the controls-the on/off switch is at the back, the controls on the top and the screen on the front face which doesn’t make for an easy experience when you try to change modes or check which track you are looking for-it is all a bit slow and clunky. This also applied to trying to set up the presets on the radio which is a rather tedious process and I can’t imagine many getting to the full 20 allowed by the memory! Thank goodness you get a remote control which will be handy especially if you want to use the Boombox at home. I also had trouble attaching USB’s to the socket the connection is not also secure enough and can fall out. It is also very important to note that whilst this pairs to other audio sources via Bluetooth very easily, it is not capable of working with Bluetooth headphones directly.In short a very easy to transport source of music for the park, office or on holiday but without a great deal of power or all the latest connectivity.

  14. 5 di 5


    The old way. Radio.

    I’ve been looking for a new speaker for a while, and I finally found it with the KLIM Boombox B4 CD Player Portable Audio System + AM/FM Radio CD Player MP3, Bluetooth, AUX, USB + Wired/Wireless mode.Radio is very important for generations who grew up with radio. The sound quality is superb and it has tons of other features like bluetooth, usb/aux, etc.Also, the wireless feature is very important.The colour and design of the product is nice, the digital screen could be a little biggerThe lack of an on/off button on the remote is a shortcoming.

  15. 5 di 5

    J. Thomsen

    Vielseitig aber kein Boom

    Viele kleine Extras aber sicherlich keine Boombox. Der Bass ist so gut wie nicht vorhanden. Auch fehlt m. E. ein Radio Koaxial Anschluss.

  16. 5 di 5

    Beckie Bookworm

    Didn’t work no remote or instructions either.

    I couldn’t even get this to work it plugged in to power and the red light came on but nada no buttons worked or anything. There was also no instructions included in mine and no remote either my other half was very disappointed as he was looking forward to playing all his old cd’s. Visually this looked a bit cheap and cheerful which I could have overlooked if it actually worked .

  17. 5 di 5


    You get what you pay for.

    This system was presented in a classy looking strong box, the contents include the boombox, Remote control plus rechargeable batteries, cable and plug, instruction brochure and an envelope with a rather humorous introduction to the team and stickers. The security stickers were safely insitu.I wanted this unit for my craft room and it fits the bill for this small room, the unit is compact and has a useful carrying handle, It can be used with batteries if I should wish to take it outside or just plugged into the mains. I was a bit disappointed with the radio reception and tuning, it didn’t allow me to put my favourite programs where I wanted on the pre set function. This unit is replacing a small DAB radio that stored far more programs including the local radio station which I can’t get on this one, also there is no digital information as to which program I am listening to. The CD player works well, the sound is adequate for my craft room but if you are a sound buff you will probably be disappointed. The main source of music that I will use will be the CDs that I have stored on a USB drive although it is disappointing that I can’t skip from one CD to the next or even choose the CD that I want to listen to. Would I recommend this unit ? probably if it is only as a secondary unit i.e for a kitchen , a garage, a child’s room etc where you are not expecting clean sound with clear bass etc, it is quite a cheap unit so you get what you pay for, it works well for my craft room.

  18. 5 di 5

    T and Co

    Très bon son, dommage qu’il manque la fonctionnalité RDS

    Le son est très bon et le volume ne sature pas même fort.Tout est opérationnel radio, cd et usb et même le Bluetooth pour la connexion avec mon tel.Le seul reproche est pour les sélections des radios. Je n’arrive que à sélectionner les radios en tournant le bouton et je ne trouve pas la recherche automatique.C’est dommage car c’est long pour trouver une station.De plus, il manque la fonctionnalité RDS donc le nom de la radio ne s’affiche pas.Sinon, elle est très bien et elle a même une télécommande.

  19. 5 di 5

    Bastien MontesBastien Montes

    Radio complète mais son moyen

    C’est une poste portatif qui fait Radio/Cd/MP3 par USB (max64go).Il peut fonctionner sur courant ou sur sa batterie rechargeable.En résumé :👉 Rechargeable ou sur secteur.👉 Lecteur CD.👉 Lecteur via Bluetooth.👉 Lecteur MP3 via prise USB clef max 64go.👉 Radio FM/AM avec antenne dépliable.👉 Entré Auxiliaire Jack 3,5👉 Prise Casque👉 Télécommande avec piles fournies.👉 Mise en Veille programmable pour 15,30,45,60, ou 90min👉 Mode audio préprogrammé Pop, Jazz, Classic, Rock❌Tout fonctionne à l’exception du CD, le mien frotte sur l’intérieur dès que j’insère un CD (voir photo avec les traces de frottement).C’est un design assez basique, noir, une grosse poignet, rien d’exceptionnel…Le son est moyen pourtant vu la taille l’engin on aurait pu espérer que cette profondeur soit exploitée pour les basses mais non, ça reste simple.C’est un bon produit polyvalent pour la ménagère mais pas du tout pour le fan de musique… A voir suivant l’usage.

  20. 5 di 5

    Book Lover

    My daughter loves this Boombox

    A great boom box for my daughter. She is setting up her “art studio” in the basement and wanted to be able to play CD’s and listen to the radio as she paints. It works for her and is easy to move from room to room. The sound quality is great.

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    Des possibilités, mais un son médiocre …

    Le carton robuste de belle présentation (c’est important lorsqu’on fait un cadeau) contient la Boombox, un câble secteur, ainsi qu’une télécommande avec ses 2 piles AAA et un mode d’emploi multilingue très clair.Ce poste portable (29 x 22 x 12 cm) accepte toutes les sources, la radio et le CD sont intégrés, mais on peut aussi écouter la musique sur une clef USB (MP3 et WMA, capacité maxi de 64Gb), ou via le Bluetooth, ou sur la prise Aux avec un Jack 3,5 – on peut également brancher en sortie sur un casque ou autre périphérique avec un jack 3,5. Une connectique très complète donc.Quelques petites remarques cependant :- l’ergonomie ne facilite pas le portage (boutons et antenne qui dépassent sur le dessus).- l’accu n’est pas accessible, aussi lorsqu’il est vide (ou qu’il ne fonctionne plus) on ne peut le remplacer par un plein – éventuellement une prise de charge USB permettrait de recharger en voyage ou d’alimenter par un accu externe.- Dommage qu’on ne puisse le commander via une appli sur son téléphone, ce qui éviterait une télécommande de plus.- pas de carte micro SD, bien plus pratiques que les clefs USB.- l’affichage est vraiment minimal : pas de nom des stations, et surtout ceux des des pistes audio sur une clef USB – et AUCUNE possibilité de naviguer sur la clef, avec 64 Go de musique ce n’est vraiment pas génial !À l’utilisation :- l’équaliser offre 5 préréglage : plat, pop, jazz, classique et rock.- la télécommande permet de sélectionner par son n° une piste de la clef USB, ainsi que de saisir directement la fréquence sur la radio.- la veille, l’extinction est programmable de 15 à 90 mn en appuyant briévement et successivement sur le bouton de volume.- sur batterie l’autonomie est de 6h, mais certainement moins sur CD (3 ou 4 h) ou en Bluetooth.Et le SON ? …Pour mes oreilles c’est la cata ! le son est aigrelet totalement dénué de graves, sans présence.Dans le doute j’ai comparé avec d’autres produits dans cette gamme de prix, certains ne font pas mieux, mais d’autres s’en sortent mieux.Ceci dit il faut être raisonnable dans cette gamme de prix on ne peut espérer approcher la HiFi, même de loin, mais il y a moyen d’espérer un son correct.Pour la puissance, c’est suffisant pour une écoute domestique, mais n’espérez pas sonoriser une fête.Un point positif le xxx bénéficie de 5 ans de garantie.En conclusion je reste un peu dubitatif, peut-être suis-je un peu trop difficile lorsque mes oreilles sont en question, j’essaye de livrer mes impressions et vous laisse la décision …

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    Decent boom box,

    This is a rather large boom box that uses most of the tech that I’ve used in my youth, like the CD player and the old school AM and FM radiofrequency.What I like about this boom box is the nostalgia that it brings as well as a touch of modern tech.The audio quality is decent but it is slightly large so it’s not amazing to carry around but the overall satisfaction is still there.With all the different music formats out there and the various quality associated with each format. It is just nice to be able to listen to CD-quality music and fortunately, the speakers do a decent job.I feel that the speaker is decent abs represents decent value for a tech that isn’t that far gone yet feels a lifetime away.

  23. 5 di 5



    Marche très bien, je suis satisfait.

  24. 5 di 5


    Super quality

    Super build quality and super fun.So much in such a portable device. Travel friendly.Audio System, AM and FM Radio, CD Player MP3, Bluetooth, AUX, USB + Wired and wireless.Runs with battery as well as rechargeable.Sound quality is superb. Remote control operated. Just loved it

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    Poste offrant beaucoup d’options au prix d’un rendu sonore de qualité moyenne

    Le poste est arrivé très bien emballé.Dès l’ouverture, on observe la télécommande avec piles fournies, le câble d’alimentation, la notice d’utilisation en plusieurs langues (dont le français !) et le poste.La procédure de mise en marche est un peu spécifique du fait que ce poste est équipé d’une batterie de 2000 mAh interne. Ceci permet de l’utiliser en extérieur (durée non précisée dans la notice). A noter que la manuel est très bien pensé et illustré. Tout se comprend facilement.On a ensuite testé les différents modes :- lecteur CD,- FM,Il est possible de mémoriser automatiquement toutes les radios captées par le poste et de défiler ensuite entre ces dernières. Très pratique ! Malheureusement, si une onde porteuse émet en permanence sur une fréquence donnée, le poste va la prendre pour une émission radio et la mémoriser.- AM,Idem au mode FM- Bluetooth,L’appairage se fait très facilement. Tous les supports (téléphones portables, tablettes, …) que nous avons essayé ont pu se connecter.- AUX,- USB.Tous les modes fonctionnent très bien. Le rendu sonore est modeste (son saturant quand on arrive au volume max et manque de basses). Ce qui nous a surpris c’est qu’il est plus puissant en mode FM que dans les autres modes.Au final, ce petit poste a de belles qualités même si son rendu sonore reste modeste. Il est relativement compact et sa batterie interne permet de l’emporter avec soi.

  26. 5 di 5


    Kompakt, leichte Bedienung und top für Hörbücher!

    Der Player ist kompakt, passt überall hin. Aufladbare Batterie hält lange. Tonqualität zufriedenstellend. Leichte Bedienung. Mit der Fernbedienung braucht man etwas Geduld, funktioniert aber einwandfrei. Gebrauche das Gerät für meine Hörbücher.

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    Kindle Customer

    product does not work

    It will not switch on. I need to return it. How do I do this?

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  28. 5 di 5

    wayne w

    Sounds, functions, aesthetics, all very good.

    This is a device that meets all expectations for sound, functionality, design, and user satisfaction

  29. 5 di 5


    Boring look mixed with all technologies

    I have got mixed feeling when comes to think about this boombox. First of all design and whole look is a bit outdated, looks boring and without good taste. For me if they want me to display it on sideboard somewhere i want it to be nice looking, sort of blends nicely, this one is just bland.When forgetting about design and look inside there is some quite good features. First one for me and most important is having build in rechargeable battery is huge plus toward this unit. Portability and functionality drastically rise by not having to plug it to power source in order to use it. It does accepts cd, any usb memory-sticks with music in it, aux, connect phone with it via Bluetooth, you name it. It’s all there so definitely keeping up with more modern technologies.When comes to sound quality i cannot actually fault it at all. Very loud speakers, I couldn’t take it on full volume simply because it was too loud which is good actually, sound quality also really good. FM is very clear, you can understand podcasts with no problem, metal music plays good enough, at least good enough for me. Very pleased with this unit.

  30. 5 di 5



    Je l’ai pris pour avoir de la musique dans le jardin sans avoir à me servir du téléphone, il est complet, fonctionnel, toute options je suis satisfaite et je le recommande, livraison rapide

  31. 5 di 5


    Best of both worlds

    I like that this looks like an old style music/radio player, But is quite modern and is able to stream Bluetooth music as well as play my old CD collection at the same time.It has an inbuilt radio and has USB and AUX. The sound quality is excellent, With crystal clear sound and loud bass to match.The player lasts around five to six hours give or take on battery, But lasts longer when plugged in and played directly from a power source. It’s pleasing to the eye with a black finish that fits in with my simple decor in the living room.

  32. 5 di 5


    Liest keine CDs

    Ich habe vier verschiedene CDs ausprobiert- obwohl es alles Originale waren, konnte das Gerät sie nicht erkennen. Somit nutzlos für uns.

  33. 5 di 5

    Nicky San

    Bien mais un peu cher

    Bon petit lecteur cd avec radio muni de 2 enceintes moulées avec le lecteur cd portable. Le son est correct et fonctionne parfaitement bien. Par contre, il est un petit cher pour ce genre de lecteur comparé à ce qui sort maintenant avec un son bien meilleur. Le Bluetooth fonctionne bien entre mon téléphone et le poste radio cd.

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    🌐 AmazonFan 🌐🌐 AmazonFan 🌐

    Poste radio, CD, bluetooth, clé USB avec un son correct

    The media could not be loaded.

     Poste radio de marque Klim, un peu à l’ancienne, qui permet de ressortir ses vieux CD et également de profiter de la musique stockée avec les moyens d’aujourd’hui.Je l’ai tout d’abord branché afin de recharger la batterie entièrement.Pour l’allumer c’est simple, rester 3 secondes sur le bouton après avoir également appuyer sur le bouton à l’arrière.J’ai ensuite connecté mon téléphone en bluetooth et chercher les stations de radios que j’aime bien.La réception radio est bonne, j’ai pas rencontré de soucis, si ce n’est qu’il faut beaucoup tourner les boutons de réglages, ça avance petit à petit, j’ai pas trouvé de recherche automatique.J’écoute ensuite un cd, la lecture fonctionne comme il faut, c’est du tout bon.La musique en bluetooth est également correct, l’ensemble fonctionne bien.Pareil avec une clé USB ou un câble jack 3.5, le son est bien pris en charge.La où c’est pas trop comme j’aime, c’est le son, une puissance convenable, un son fort chargé en aiguë et medium, les basse sont malheureusement trop peu présente, c’est bien dommage car c’est que je préfère.On peut monter assez haut en volume avant que ça sature, du moins avec la musique que j’écoute.Il dispose d’un équaliseur avec quelques sélection habituelle, il suffit d’appuyer brièvement sur le bouton d’allumage.Elle est pratique avec sa grande poignée et sa batterie intégrée, on peut facilement l’emporter avec nous, c’est bien agréable.Un poste sympa, assez cher tout de même, pratique, qui aurait pu avoir la note maximale si le son était plus travaillé, notamment avec des basses plus présente.Je la note 3,5/5 et je lui met:⭐ 4 étoiles ⭐

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    Budget-friendly basic boombox

    If you wanna go back to the old school way of playing music, this boombox from Klim could be ideal for you as this one has AM/FM radio, CD player, mp3 player and more.The boombox has a compact, small, portable and classic design so you can easily place it anywhere you want. Aside from radio and music players, this one also has a Bluetooth feature and an auxiliary port that lets you connect your phone using a connector jack or just connect it wirelessly. One more thing is that you can plug a USB stick in it and play music endlessly.Moreover, this one is equipped with rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to buy batteries and replace them from time to time. With this, you will be able to save money and help the environment to reduce unnecessary wastes.Out of the box, I received a boombox audio system, remote control, power cable with plug, 2 batteries and an instruction manual.I am not gonna lie, the sound quality of this boombox is not that great, but it is acceptable. It is obviously smaller than the 80’s or 90’s boombox because of the newest technologies nowadays. It has many features which I like and so far I am really enjoying the CD player as I have been collecting CDs since a long time ago. Its very portable so I can easily carry this whenever and wherever I want to.All in all, I would say the price is reasonable as it has a few good features and works well for an old styled CD player.

  36. 5 di 5

    “Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine…

    Might buy one too

    This is for my daughter! and it’s perfect Very good sound but not so loud that you constantly have to ask them to turn it down. It wasn’t expensive and I’m amazed at the good quality of it. Might buy myself one too!

  37. 5 di 5

    martin”PEEBZZ” peeblesmartin”PEEBZZ” peebles



  38. 5 di 5


    Pour écouter de la musique dans son garage.

    Son look est très années 80. Le poste est gros, large et imposant. Ses boutons aussi, ils font du bruit.La recherche des stations n’est pas facile, il faut chercher “à l’ancienne” en tournant le bouton d’un coup sec, jusqu’à temps de trouver la station désirée.Plusieurs modes : radio, CD, sortie auxiliaire, USB, sortie audio (prise jack), fonction Bluetooth.On peut brancher le poste sur secteur mais je trouve son câble un peu court.La télécommande est pratique (ses 2 piles sont fournies). Le mode Bluetooth fonctionne bien.Le lecteur CD fonctionne bien mais le CD est difficile à retirer, ce que je n’aime pas car il faut forcer et le tordre pour l’ enlever ce qui peut l’abimer. Donc petite qualité pour l’ensemble.Concernant le son, c’est pas terrible : on ne peut pas régler les basses. C’est bien pour écouter de la musique dans un garage mais pas plus.

  39. 5 di 5



    Compacte, légère, fournie avec un manuel d’utilisation correct et une télécommande avec piles.Une multitude d’options sympas comme la possibilité d’utiliser une clé USB ou le bluetooth, une prise jack est aussi disponible.Quel dommage que le son ne soit pas à la hauteur, des basses trop faibles.Bref une radio de dépannage dont le rapport qualité-prix laisse à désirer.

  40. 5 di 5

    kelvin w.kelvin w.


    le produit est imposant avec des grosses basses mais le son est nul

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    Very portable

    ⚠️ It’s a decent radio for your shed, garage or while you are outdoor gardening as has all the great and modern features however the sound quality is not good enough to use this as a main audio system. Current price (at the time I wrote this review) is £49.97 it’s not the cheapest but taking into consideration that this has cd player, mp3 player, USB, radio, and Bluetooth; the price is reasonable, and I can’t really complain. The only features is really missing from this radio is the DAB. The design of this radio been cloned from the Sony Zs-PS50, it looks the same, even the shape and the size are identical, only difference is where Sony has all the button sin the front of the unit while this has the buttons on the top. And of core the Sony has a better sound quality for a little more money to pay. But if look for a portable audio system which has a remote control then this one beats the Sony. In some cases, it’s handy to have a remote give you the freedom to control the music from distance. The only problem with the remote is that the buttons are super tiny. I have tested this by playing a cd, Pmp3 from a 32 GB flash drive, listened the FM radio on it and used the 3.5mm audio jack. All worked well and I have not experienced any issues, but all of this generated the same distortion sound out of the stereo speakers. There is not much bass, and the heights are basically none existed for this radio. What makes this a little bit stand out from other radios is the fact that this one has a built-in battery, which makes this system super portable. If you only listen the radio on it with moderate volume you can get about 6 hours of, use out of the battery, but if you use a CD player the this reduces to 3-4 hours running hours.So, what is my thoughts? It’s not too bad bar far from the “high quality” rate. Worth the money if you consider the similar system from Sony is over £70, however if the sound quality is more important for you then the price, this is not for you. If you just looking for a cheap radio which can play cd, and mp3 durable and portable then go with this.

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    Not your basic old time boom box

    It’s a bit oldy worldly looking but does the job for me and people of a certain age may agree with me. It reminds me of the boomboxes of back in the day from its appearance! I’m thrilled that it has CD player – I’ve got loads of CD’s 😊My son was laughing at it and I’m sure some younger people might not really think it their cup of tea 🍵 but I have found it like itOk it’s not all singing and dancing and there is better out there, but for the price it’s good enough for me.It’s easy to use and apart from the CD player you have the auxiliary cable, remote, rechargeable battery and a bit more. I didn’t get that much on my old time boom box.I do like the radio DAB radioNice boom box for me and good value given all the extras and good quality sound for me tooI hope you found this review helpful

  43. 5 di 5

    S2b an OAP

    My grandson loves it

    It can prove troublesome to get the radio station you want but it is already proving popular with my grandson (9) who loves to ‘demonstrate’ its features albeit he has not, as yet, undertaken the full range (to include MP3/Blue Tooth but I am sure that it is on his ‘yo do’ list -especially as he loves all things ‘tech’ as he calls them.The sound quality is very good, it is portable and, for prospective purchasers, is very affordable too.It looks and sounds good.

  44. 5 di 5

    L. Courter

    boombox for the 21st century

    Out of the box, the blue tooth feature sets up in seconds and music from a streaming service was playing off a smartphone. A simple remote made playing CD/DVDs and radio easy for more choices and situations (camping without a cell signal, for example). A built-in rechargeable battery makes it portable too. Highly recommend.

  45. 5 di 5


    poste à batterie rechargeable, multifonctions, sobre avec port USB

    Ce poste est TOP:- il est sobre et design noir se fond partout dans la déco-il est multifonctions, mode lecture CD, RADIO, port USB le +++ pour lire ses playlists directement, port casque et mode bluetooth pour connecter son tél ou tablette-le son est de bonne qualité , stéréo, volume réglable jusqu’à 30 bien assez et son net même au max, belle surprise!-le gros gros ++ de ce poste, la batterie est rechargeable: il peut fonctionner sans être branché sur une prise, idéal pour emmener partout, pour notre part idéal pour partir en camping l’été et une utilisation quotidienne à la maison le restant de l’annéela première recharge peut prendre 4H, pour l’autonomie je ne sais pas encore, pas assez testé pour ça-les recherches pour stations radio sont automatiques et assez rapides: pouvant enregistré à lui seul de 1 à 20 stations radios-l’antenne n’est pas orientable pas gênant car capte plutôt bien et dès que la station radio est trouvée elle est nette à l’audition avec un son stéréo-facilement transportable avec sa poignée et légersi je devais lui trouver des points négatifs:manque de prise pour un micro, je suis fan de chant karaoké dommageje le trouve un peu largesi non, il rempli vraiment tous les critères dont nous avons besoin dans un poste de musique!mon fils l’a adopté tout de suite, facile d’utilisation, le manuel d’utilisation est simple, pas + de 2 pages et simplifiées! mon fils a 8 ans et l’adore!je recommande vraiment son achat après l’avoir essayé vous ne le regretterez pas!prix produit il est complet!si mon avis vous a été UTILE dans votre prise de décision d’achat, cliquez sur UTILE après ce commentaire! merci et BON ACHAT!

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    poste radio

    poste radio de la marque KLIM petit complet bleutooth audio CD facile transporter sans fil avec une télécommande

  47. 5 di 5


    Un bon système portable

    The media could not be loaded.

     Un système audio portable avec un prix honnête pour ses performances.Le plus absolu est qu’il fonctionne avec une batterie interne de 2000 mah. Il faut environ 4 heures pour la charger et selon le fabricant elle a une autonomie de 6 heures.Fonctionnement très simple. Pour la radio si l’on choisit la FM, norme actuelle, on appuie sur le bouton marche/pause et l’appareil détecte et retient en mémoire 30 fréquences. Pour les retrouver il suffit d’appuyer sur les boutons avancé ou recul rapide et de s’arrêter au numéro qui vous intéresse.Pour le lecteur CD, on choisit soit sur l’appareil soit sur la télécommande fournie le mode cd. On introduit le disque et c’est parti pour la lecture. Les disques gravés avec du mp3 sont lus, comme les clefs USB avec l’entrée latérale. Prise casque, possibilité de Bluetooth, etc.Je regrette l’absence d’une fonction horloge qui aurait permis d’activer une alarme réveil.Facile à porter avec sa poignée de bonne taille et solide.L’intérêt principal de ce lecteur est, je le répète, son autonomie hors secteur. Idéal pour écouter de la musique ou de la radio en plein air.Finalement avec son prix de 65 €, ce n’est pas un appareil cher en rapport qualité prix, d’autant plus qu’il est garanti 5 ans.Il n’a pas non plus de lecteur de mini K7 : mais est-ce que beaucoup de clients en ont encore ?Donc achat recommandé pour les amateurs de picnic (attention au volume qui peut être assez fort! ) ou de plage.

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    Antonio Rosa

    Uma boa surpresa

    Es muy guay. Me gusta mucho!

  49. 5 di 5

    S. Jacques

    Dommage…le son..!

    L’apparence de l’appareil est plutôt austère en noir mat, les deux HP sur chaque côté le font étrangement ressembler……….à des jumelles de radar policiers! Pas très fun! L’appareil n’est pas trop lourd et pour cause le plastique est vraiment très cheap. Je ne le laisserai pas tomber de ma hauteur même sur une moquette sans craindre des dommages! Sinon toutes les commandes sont intuitives, pas vraiment besoin du mode d’emploi.Cet appareil couteau suisse fait donc: Poste Radio CD Portable + Radio AM/FM, CD, Bluetooth, USB, Bluetooth, MP3 + Mode Filaire et sans Fil avec Piles Rechargeables + Télécommande, Mode Veille Auto.Pas de souci à ce niveau là, tout fonctionne à merveille, même l petite télécommande. Les clés USB sont reconnues et la connexion BT se fait en quelques secondes. Un mode de lecture aléatoire est utilisable pour les cd. Le temps de charge est d’environ 2 heures pour une écoute de 6 heures hors alimentation. On peut aussi l’utiliser en alimentation secteur. Ce n’est à mon avis pas un appareil forcément nomade, même si la poignée est très pratique.Outre l’apparence un peu austère, mais qui peut plaire quand même, je dirais que la grosse limite se trouve dans le son. C’est sûr que pour le prix il ne faut pas s’attendre à avoir de la HIFI high tech. C’est bien sûr un appareil stéréo avec une puissance respectable mais sans excès. Seulement, malgré les 5 équalisations possibles le rendu sonore manque sérieusement de corps, spécialement dans les graves. Le son est assez bien défini mais assez maigrichon. Je ne suis pas un fan des graves boostées, mais là un effet loudness aurait été bienvenu, surtout si vous voulez l’utiliser pour animer vos petites soirées à domicile. Je pense que n’importe quelle enceinte BT dans cette gamme de prix possède un grave bien plus profond. L’écoute au casque est honnête, à condition d’avoir un bon casque évidemment.Donc un rapport qualité/prix pas très intéressant en regard de l’aspect austère, de la solidité apparente et du son pas vraiment à la hauteur. Un truc un peu “rétro” à vrai dire qui aura peut-être du mal à trouver son public………les jeunes aiment des trucs plus fun d’apparence et surtout n’écoutent pas trop des cd! A utiliser distraitement en faisant la cuisine ou en bricolant!!!

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    Awful sound quality

    The media could not be loaded.

     KLIM Boombox Portable Audio System. FM Radio, CD Player, Bluetooth, MP3, USB, AUXAt £49.97 I expected more from this portable audio unit, the design is there but it’s as if this is a kind of unfinished product, a prototype as it were, it has many good points going for it but sadly let down on the main reason for buying this, which is sound quality, remote control functionality and of course the lack of RGB lighting, there isn’t any, even though the manufacturer states the speakers have built in lighting. Would I buy this at £49.97, the answer is no, I have much smaller portable sound speakers that have far superior sound at a much lower cost. I’ve bullet pointed what I liked and disliked, if you wish to read a further detailed review of this sound system then by all means carry on reading.✅Positive points…✅Nice exterior in both finish & design✅Built in rechargeable 2000mAh battery offering up to 6 hrs playback✅Portable, great for taking in the garden✅Easy to use✅Built in sleep timer✅Offers Radio FM&MW/CD/BT/Aux In/USB❌Negative points….❌Lack of bass❌High volume creates distorted sound❌NO on/off control on remote❌Equaliser settings not stored❌No battery level indicator❌No RGB lighting as advertised❌Not Recommended🚚 Packaging and deliveryThis product comes very well presented, the packaging looks really good which features a good exterior print design showing an illustration of the BoomBox along with specifications and nice artwork. The BoomBox is securely nestled inside polystyrene packaging and covered in a plastic bag.📦 Package contents1 x BoomBox1 x Remote Control1 x Set of 2 x AAA batteries for remote1 x Power lead measuring 1.5m1 x Instructions1 x Set of ‘Klim’ stickers and warranty informationℹ Function and qualityI will say I’m very disappointed in this product from ‘Klim’, I’ve actually got two of their products which I’ve had for 2 years now and they’re laptop cooling stands, now these are really good and work effortlessly, performing their task very well, so I did have high expectations, sadly let down.The unit looks very well made, looks expensive and has some weight for the size, I was hoping this was due to the speaker units, although this wasn’t to be the case as the sound quality said otherwise, I’m assuming the built in batteries were the reason.The base has 4 rubber feet to give this stability and to stop it scratching any surfaces, the power lead plugs in the back, on the back you’ll find the master on/off switch. It all looks good and powerful but as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover!I’ve talked about each of the modes available on this unit separately which should help with the reading of this review.Radio…..The BoomBox can pick up FM and MW, not digital, an extendable aerial, which is about 60cm in length, allows for improved radio reception on the FM band which it performs well at. The FM radio will automatically store stations in presets up to 20 stations, this is achieved by holding down the play button. You don’t have any control as to which station and preset number the stations are stored on, moving through these presets, once stored, is done by using the remote control or buttons on the main unit. The reception is good enough, if a station is in ‘stereo’ then a red indicator will show on the display, with reference to the display, no radio information is displayed, just the preset number. Switching to the AM band offers the same functionality however I noticed poor reception which was probably due to where I was positioned as I never get good radio reception where I live anyway.CD Player…..This is your standard CD player offering various playable disc formats such as CD-R, CD-RW etc, skipping tracks, pause, play, stop etc can all be controlled via the remote or using the buttons on the unit.Bluetooth….This was quick to set up, my phone immediately found this BoomBox and I was able to play my music, using the Amazon Music App, straight on to this unit, the remote control allowed me to skip tracks, again I could do this with the buttons manually. The reception was clear with no distortion or disconnection.USB…..I don’t use USB memory sticks to store or play music so couldn’t really comment on the functionality, however, one would assume it would function just like the CD player.Aux In…This worked well, I just connected a stereo 3.5mm audio cable between the mobile phone and the socket labelled Aux on the unit, all track controls were performed via the phone.Sound Quality….Awful I’m afraid, I expected heavy bass with crystal clear vocals, even at high volume, not the case, the speakers in this unit are very poor, they lack any sort of bass, even changing the equaliser settings did nothing, if one increased the volume two thirds of the way up the unit would vibrate and it was a milkshake of distorted sound. The sound was more clear using Bluetooth then it was when playing a CD, at low volume it was fine, but this is called a BoomBox, not a small, cheap, plastic radio which one would expect to experience this kind of sound quality.Display….This is very limited and basic, you won’t get any form of radio station data, CD track information or Bluetooth track info, a standard backlit display showing the mode you’re in along with the equaliser setting. I would’ve expected a battery level indicator to show how much battery power was left, this you’ll have to guess at, some kind of track information would’ve been ideal and maybe a clock. Unfortunately, when this is in standby mode, the screen goes off. Another point to note is that when you turn the unit off and back on, your preset equaliser setting is reset and the unit resorts to FM radio mode.Battery…..The built in rechargeable battery is of a 2000mAh capacity, the manufacturer states this can power the unit for up to 6 hours, I guess this is at a medium volume using probably the radio, use of the CD player or Bluetooth function will no doubt drain the battery faster, also having this on a high volume, I don’t recommend it, will deplete the battery faster. The battery is recharged by plugging in the mains cable, the unit can be operated whilst the battery is on charge.Remote Control…A basic remote control offering control over modes, track skipping, timer function etc, you can’t turn the BoomBox into standby mode which is very unusual, I’ve never come across a remote control without a power button. You can set the sleep timer with this remote which offers set minutes before the unit switches off.🤔 ConclusionI don’t recommend this BoomBox I’m afraid, the sound quality is awful, no bass, lack of power control with the remote, no RGB lighting as advertised, uneventful LCD display, I would suggest ‘Klim’ go back to the drawing board and come out with a unit that offers bass, high powered volume with no distortion and place a standby button on the remote control!📖SpecificationsSpeaker output – 1.5W x 2 (Says it all really)!♻Packaging RecyclabilityThe cardboard outer packaging can be recycled apart from the internal polystyrene and plastic bags.AmazonCustomer 311221 B0998XL41W #20

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    Très bien

    Peut être utilisé avec sa batterie qui tient pas mal la chargeConnections avec un tel facileTrès bon produits

  52. 5 di 5


    Ou est le son !

    C’est bien beau de faire des BOOMBOX , mais il faudrait qu’elle puisse faire BOOM BOOM…la Box ….La boombox est franchement bien faite pour le prix , c’est plutôt complet en fonctions aussi .Les dimensions restent correctes , je m’attendais a un bon gros son vu le volume , mais il n’en ai rien , c’est même ridicule face a une micro enceintes Bluetooth genre BOSE MINI …On sent bien que l’ampli intégré n’a rien dans le slip , j’ai halluciné quand j’ai vu la puissance réelle de ce poste … 2x 1.5 watts réel (RMS) ! lolLa partie ampli ainsi que les HP ont clairement été considérer comme “optionnel” , c’est clairement de la me…. déception totale , et du coup pour moi ca ne vaut même plus 20 balles ce truc car mes oreilles mérites dans tout les cas mieux que ce son .Je déconseille grandement , et pour 72e on commence a trouvé des micro chaines hifi comme la Panasonic SC-PM250EF-S qui sort 2×10 watts rms et d’une autre qualité pour 13e de plus .Je casse rarement un produit , mais la le constructeur se fout de nous .

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    Maman FleurMaman Fleur

    Beaucoup de supports possibles, simple d’utilisation, son pas exceptionnel

    Poste multi-supports, ce qui est un gros avantage car cela laisse le choix de ce qu’on a à disposition pour écouter de la musique.Les supports sont :- Radio- USB- Bluetooth- CD- AuxiliaireLe son n’est pas exceptionnel comparé à des écouteurs, casques ou enceintes de marque mais largement suffisant et c’est largement compensé par la multitude de supports disponibles, et le prix qui pourrait être beaucoup plus élevé avec moins de fonctions chez les autres concurrents.Donc petit poste très bien, très fonctionnel si l’on souhaite avoir quelque chose d’assez facilement transportable, avec le choix dans son support et si l’on est pas trop exigeant pour le son.

  54. 5 di 5



    Bonjour suite au reçu de la station de radio de la marquise klim, je peux vous donner mon ressenti. Ce poste rempli tous ses fonctions indiquer, que ça soit cédérom, radio, charge; Bluetooth et surtout batterie.Pour ma part je trouve cette radio pratique également avec sa télécommande petite et simple (pile fournie).La notice fournie explique clairement toute c’est fonction , recherche de station simple et enregistrement automatique .Poignet de portage simple sur le dessus ,petit bémol l’antenne n’est pas amovible et reste toute droite.Le son n’est pas désagréable et reste plutôt bon pour cette radio .Le format est petit donc ne prend pas beaucoup de place .Je recommande ce produit.

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    🔼 Spiderman 🔼🔼 Spiderman 🔼

    Performances honorables

    Voilà un poste plutôt intéressant.Les points positifs sont nombreux :_ Léger, transportable_ Fonctionne sur batterie et /ou secteur_ Différents modes disponibles_ Facile à utiliser_ Performances sonores plutôt correctes pour ce type d’appareilQuelques points négatifs ceci dit…_ Le tarif me semble un peu élevé._La machine est légère mais tout de même un peu encombrante_ La solidité sur le long terme reste à évaluer. La fabrication est bonne mais du fait de la légèreté de l’ensemble il faut espérer que ce soit durable aussi.Dans l’ensemble c’est plutôt pas mal donc. Surtout si l’on souhaite utiliser des CD tout en ayant une machine polyvalente sur les sources compatibles ( bluetooth, usb, radio…).Le tarif pourrait être un peu plus abordable malgré tout tant la concurrence est rude sur ce type de matériel.

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    KLIM boombox with a tiny heart of gold!

    The media could not be loaded.

     I have to say I’m genuinely impressed by this budget boombox. It isn’t perfect, it’s doubtful it’ll win any prizes, but it does have a tiny heart of gold and is packed full of features. It just takes a bit of getting used to.First off, it’s a quirky set of features – a CD player, AM/FM radio (how quaint!), USB playback and Bluetooth and aux speaker. I do still have CDs so for me it’s quite useful, even without DAB.When you switch on, it defaults to playing FM radio, which is one of the many quirks you will notice, and get used to, when you start to use it. For both FM and AM radio, you do an automatic scan and it populates preset stations as it finds them – again you don’t really get a say over how this is managed, it just does it for you. When I scanned both, I ended up with 24 preset FM stations and 8 AM presets. Tho I barely listen to either these days.The CD player works really well and I would say is the best feature. It would perhaps be more useful if it defaulted to this rather than to the radio on start-up. Nevertheless, I found both the control of the music and the quality of the output itself to be extremely satisfying. There are a range of preset equaliser options (again it defaults to “flat” on startup) but I found the Jazz setting to be a good all-rounder.The whole unit is rechargeable which is a really nice touch, so you can have a CD player without a mains lead that you can take around the house with you if you so wish. There is also a remote control which covers most of the major functions of the unit.The whole thing comes packaged in a smart box which would be perfectly adequate for gifting. It also has a five-year warranty which should give some peace of mind. The only reason I’m voting it down one star is that on the Bluetooth setting there is a quiet, yet noticeable, whine and hiss from the unit. Budget or not, this really shouldn’t be there.Nevertheless, overall this is a really lovely little player which offers a very acceptable level of sound quality at a budget price. Its features are a bit unusual and awkward in this day and age but no doubt someone out there will need this combination!

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    Mike Nelson

    1.5 Watts Per Channel “Boombox”

    With 1.5 Watts a channel it is hardly what I would describe as a “Boombox” plus the speakers are quite close together limiting the stereo sound effect.A shame it was not a lot longer and less in depth.Mains / built in lithium battery operation with an odd power switch on the rear which seems to be after the battery circuits so the battery still charges with this off.To power the unit on, the power button has to be held for over three seconds. A sticker on top reminds you of this as if not used for a while you may forget and think it has failed just pressing it briefly.For a battery test I played the same CD over and over again got over five hours before the display started flashing “LO” followed 20 minutes later it turning off.No other information of charging progress or battery level, just fully charged the LED goes blue.The AM and FM radio are average when it comes to signal sensitivity and it has autotune which saves pre-sets but no option to remove duff / mistuned ones or manually add your own. The remote lets you enter a frequency e.g. 965 for 96.5 FM which it retunes to when next powered on.The sound quality is okay but being only 1.5 Watts it is not going to blow you away or vibrate the windows.It has a equaliser with a choice of pre-set profiles flat / classical / jazz / rock / pop.The user manual is not bad but in a bit of a funny order e.g. tells you how to select a stored FM channel before it tells you how to store them.Charging the battery also seems to take many hours and as I mentioned there is no battery level indication.Bluetooth seem to work fine with Android and I have not yet tried USB music playback.The carry handle works and is in the correct place so it hangs level when being carried.CD player works and is on the longest drive spindle I have ever seen. Removing a disc could be easier.The mains plug is fitted with the correct size fuse, 3 Amp.

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