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How to adjust the RGB Settings?

Open the KLIM AIM Driver.

Click on Marquee to access color and effect customization. You may select different modes
and change their intensity, brightness, speed and color (for selected modes only).

Neon mode is selected by default.

Available color modes :

  • Static
  • Breathing
  • Neon
  • Recirculating Water
  • Symmetrical Flow

To change the color of each individual LED, click on the black square (numbers 1-14) and
select the desired color. This option is available for Breathing and Static modes. If you
want to turn off the mouse lighting completely, select black squares for numbers 1-14.

Depending on the selected mode, you may also adjust the speed and direction of the

NOTE: Brightness levels go from 1 to 50. Hold the left click on any number from the
brightness dropdown menu and move the mouse down to reveal all levels.

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