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We fully support remote work. As long as you work hard and are reliable we give a lot of freedom in terms of schedule and location.


We harvested the growth of online selling and adapted our entire strategy around it. This has allowed for our explosive growth. We will remain online.


We are self funded, meaning there is not outside investment. We have revenue, make a profit, reinvest the profit and so on. We believe it’s a much healthier way to run a business.

KLIM Technologies is looking for an executive assistant to the CEO. You will have a hand in many different areas of responsibilities, from HR to more business-oriented duties.

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KLIM Technologies is looking for an intern in Product Management. Your mission will be to help identify gaps in the market (where customers’ expectations are not met), work with the sourcing and design team to bring a superior product to life.

You will be working closely with the sourcing, design and engineering teams on new products.

We are only looking for end-of-studies internships for a minimum duration of 6 months.

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KLIM Technologies is looking for a new Product Manager. Your main tasks will be developing new products in collaboration with the CEO, communicating and working closely with the sourcing and engineering teams on new products. It also involves preparing packaging, the user manual in coordination with the marketing team. If you have experience in the field and you speak professional English, don’t hesitate to check the page for more information about the position and contact us. Join the KLIM experience!

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KLIM technologies is looking for a new Marketplace Operations Manager. You will be responsible for the success of our products on the various marketplaces we operate on. You will be working at the frontier of what is ecommerce in 2021.

You will be in direct collaboration with the CEO and COO and will work closely with sourcing and logistics teams.

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