Remote Chief of Staff

Remote Chief of Staff

Do you want to build a high-performing team? Become Chief of Staff at KLIM


KLIM was founded in 2015 from a $521 investment. We sell across multiple categories, with a general focus on customer electronics. Since then we have grown very quickly with a focus on operational excellence, customer-centric product development and exceptional customer service.

The company is 35-people strong, with an office and warehouse in Shenzhen and an otherwise fully distributed team.



Our end goal is to have a small, but highly driven, highly talented team. Both because it’s better for the business, but it’s also a lot more enjoyable to work with motivated, competent colleagues.

This role is custom-made for someone with a dual interest in high performance, both as individuals and as a team, and in business.

By joining us as chief of staff you will:

  • Be entrusted with driving the team’s performance through whatever means necessary
  • You will be responsible for finding great people to add to the team
  • You will be entrusted with leading business development initiatives

To give some more concrete examples:

Team Performance :

  • Work with managers and team members on individual growth plans for each individual at KLIM
  • Organize team activities, including the yearly company retreat
  • Work with hiring managers on job listings, custom questionnaire, test jobs and lead the hiring search
  • Ensure that the company level goals are correctly reflected in teams’ and individuals’ goals
  • On the executive team take a higher level view of how different teams can better work together

Business initiatives (examples, will depend on the priorities) :

  • Launch the brand on various marketplaces around the world, such as mercado libre in South America
  • Help with our entry in physical retail
  • Find a reseller for our brand in Japan

You will report directly to the CEO and be included in the executive team. You will be included and privy to everything going on in the fast-paced ecommerce business. In addition to your hiring and team-performance duties, the goal is that you can progressively be entrusted with larger business responsibilities.



This job will be a right fit for you if:

  • You strongly believe in people’s capacity to get better
  • You have an obsession with performance
  • You have an obsession with human psychology & business
  • You enjoy understanding what makes people tick and guiding them towards getting better
  • You take pride in getting results


We want to be very honest about the pros and cons of working with us, as it would be a waste for both parties otherwise.


Pro Con
Fully remote You live where you want and create your own schedule If you are very extroverted and derive your energy from working in physical proximity to others this job is not for you
High level of autonomy You will be given the opportunity to fully use your brain, and be both the architect and the builder You will largely be left to figure things out for yourself, if you are uncomfortable with ambiguity it may not be for you
High expectations You will be challenged and grow very quickly, it will be stimulating and energizing

If you react badly to pressure it may not be for you





  • 3300 € & up based on profile
  • 20 days of paid holiday, and there is a paternity and maternity leave scheme in place.
  • Pay-rise policy: 1 every 6 months (up to 5% at each pay rise).
  • A yearly bonus based on the company’s performance.
  • A discretionary yearly budget of 1500 euros to cover your IT expenses and gift your friends and family.
  • A set-up of KLIM products


Working Hours

You can expect a 40-hour weekly workload.



Once a year there will be a company retreat, most likely on a southeast Asian island or in Europe, and all expenses (accommodation, flights, activities, etc.) will be paid for.