Product Manager

Your duties and responsibilities

The Product Manager is responsible for driving new product development.

The Product Manager will be tasked with ensuring that (a) the process from concept to launch is as fast as possible and (b) the quality of the end product is impeccable.

The Product Manager will work with the marketing team, the engineering team and the sourcing team. He will have a large autonomy to do his job.

Our success has been based on our ability to quickly fill-in gaps in the market & superior product quality at our price point. It is essential to keep this momentum to grow the business.

You can directly see the results of your work in helping the company grow.
At KLIM we strongly believe in an unglamorous, but pragmatic approach to product development. We only go into markets where we believe we see an unmet need and bring a better product than the competition.

You will be in charge of:

  1. In cooperation with the CEO, come up with and filter product ideas.
  2. Communicate clearly to the sourcing and engineering team what we want to do with new products.
  3. Push hard the sourcing and engineering team to ensure speed and quality.
  4. In coordination with the marketing team prepare packaging, the user manual and any driver if needed.
  5. Communicate clearly to marketing and sales the strengths of the new products
  6. Act as the product expert and perform training sessions with the marketing and technical support teams.

You can directly see the results of your work in helping the company grow.

To fit this position

For consideration, you must bring the following skills and behaviours to our team:

  • Fluent in English
  • Solid foundational knowledge and an understanding of the product development process, technology and trends
  • Experience with market research and data analysis
  • Customer-centric -> you are great at understanding customer needs and wants
  • Strongly motivated team player able to drive deliverables cross-functionally across the entire organisation
  • Detail oriented with strong communication skills with a drive to create well defined products with clearly articulated benefit
  • Best candidate will be insightful, creative and decisive

You must be...

  • Autonomous, Reliable, Organised, Hardworking

  • Willing to learn + have Growth mindset

  • Someone who is both a Doer and a Thinker

And about the conditions?


You can choose to come to our head office in Chiang Mai, Thailand or do remote working. Or a mix of the two.

You will also have the opportunity once or twice a year to visit our offices and suppliers in Shenzhen.


  • 2 500€ and up per month (based on profile)
  • 20 days of paid holiday
  • Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Aggressive pay-rise policy: 2 per year, so 1 every 6 months (upwards of 5% at each pay rise + cash bonus)
  • A yearly bonus based on company’s performance
  • Discretionary budget of 1500 euros to cover for your IT and your L=learning expenses and gift your friends and family
  • The full catalogue of KLIM products

Working Hours

There is no fixed schedule, you make your own. You can expect a 40-hour weekly workload.


Once a year there will be a company retreat, most likely on a South East Asian island or in Europe, all expenses (accommodation, flights, activities, etc.) will be paid for.