In-House Advertising Specialist

In-House Advertising Specialist

What are your duties and responsibilities?

The job in a nutshell :

  • In order to perform, these amazing products need to be brought to the attention of the customer. 
  • This is where you, the In-House Advertising Specialist, steps in by:
  • Taking on all PPC and AMG responsibilities from Day 1 in order to deliver high amount of high quality converting traffic to all the KLIM listings
  • Exploring all other advertising channels
  • Constantly testing, improving and expanding the advertising effort of the company
  • Delivering unheard levels of Return on Investment (ROI)
  • The In-House Advertising Specialist will work in very close collaboration with the Company CEO.

To fit this position

  • Supreme maths
  • Scientific brain and loves to tinker
  • Professional English

The job of In-House Advertising Specialist is for someone with supreme maths skills and understanding. By this I do not mean complex equations but perfect numerical agility – jumping up with ratios and creating your own to perfectly measure the impact of your ads. 

The In-House Advertising Specialist will know to the dollar how much it cost KLIM to acquire new customers on each and every possible channel and for each and every possible listing and product.  

The job is also for someone who loves to tinker. For instance you may have an old motorbike that you love to work on? Or you might also like to play with your amateur radio, constantly improving the reach of your antenna and measuring how fast you can communicate with people using basic technology? These are only a few examples of the stuff that I would expect the In-House Advertising Specialist to be doing in his free time. 

Now if at this stage you’ve read this description and you think “but this is me…”, think about that one question: are you happy to take on the responsibility to spend a very large amount of money on a day-to-day basis? The In-House Advertising Specialist will do just that. Every day he or she will be spending a large amount of money on the various advertising channels he or she will have identified as providing the best ROI. And by large amount I do mean large amount – min the price of your parent’s house.

Last but least, the In-House Advertising Specialist will have adequate training or will be willing to learn at full speed (circa 30hrs a week on top of the job) the structure and thinking around scientific testing. Understanding the process of selecting a variable, testing to the endth degree that variable and then moving on to the next variable until the recipe is purely perfect.

So here it is for you, the KLIM In-House Advertising Specialist. Not your typical Ads Manager in any way. We are truly looking for the geek of the geeks. The dark room boy or girl, the ex warhammer champion, supreme chess player and diligent member of the Science Group at high-school.

You must be...

  • Analytical

In-House Advertising Specialist MUST be at ease with numbers and large amount of data to see what is good and what is bad, what works and what does not. 

  • Ultimatist

In-House Advertising Specialist MUST want nothing else but pure perfection. He or she will stop at no test, no expense, nothing at all to refine his ads to get the best result. He or she is NEVER satisfied with good enough. Good enough is never good enough.

  • Attention to Detail

In-House Advertising Specialist MUST be the person who solves the mystery by seeing the the super small detail in the photo that everyone had missed, after having studied said photo during 3 full days spent locked in his garage, eating only dubious rests of McDonalds (that is if In-House Advertising Specialist lives on his own, more likely his mum will have brought him some food).

And about the conditions?


You can choose to come to our head office in Chiang Mai, Thailand or do remote working. Or a mix of the two.


  • The job comes with a salary package between 30 and 40 000€ per year.
  • 20 days of paid holiday, and there is a generous paternity and maternity scheme in place.
  • Aggressive pay-rise policy: 2 per year, so 1 every 6 months (upwards of 10% at each pay rise).
  • A yearly bonus based on company’s performance.
  • Discretionary budget of 1500 euros to cover for your IT and your L=learning expenses and gift your friends and family.
  • The full catalogue of KLIM products.

Working Hours

There is no working hours. You can expect to work around 40 hrs per week on average. Expect more to start with, a lot more during busy product launches, and less post Christmas when the dust settles.


Once a year there will be a company retreat, most likely on a South East Asian island or in Europe, all expenses (accommodation, flights, activities, etc.) will be paid for.