Remote Executive Assistant & HR

Your duties and responsibilities

Your 2 main areas of impact will be:

  • Human resources. Both internally, in terms of improving internal communications and performance. And externally, by leading the hiring effort.
  • Acting as a multiplier for the CEO. The end goal is for you to be extremely knowledgeable and have a wide breadth of understanding of the business to take over and lead some projects by yourself.

We strongly believe in leaving a lot of autonomy to make decisions whatever the position in the company, this is no exception. You will not be a simple executant, you will conceive of and lead your own projects.

At KLIM, we strongly believe that details are everything. We strongly value operational excellence. In most companies everyone is running around extinguishing fires of their own making and applying superficial band-aids to problems, and they are often celebrated for it. 

We strive to work differently, go to the root causes of issues we face and apply long-term solutions. 

You will be given ambitious targets and will be expected to be resourceful. 

We are looking for someone who strives in being accountable, be it in success or failure.

Your responsibilities will include, but not only :

  • Boost our employer brand to attract great candidates.
  • Have excellent judgement as the first filter for applicants.
  • Lead the onboarding of new hires.
  • Organise activities to boost team cohesion.
  • Refine our HR policies to ensure everything is clear.
  • Organise the company retreat.
  • Organise the bi-annual General Assembly.
  • Various admin tasks for the CEO.
  • Be a sounding board for the CEO.

To fit this position

We hire mostly for abilities, as we strongly believe that with a willingness to learn a person can quickly get up to speed, but these would give you a starting advantage:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Curious, hungry to learn and understand
  • Comfortable with people
  • Detail oriented
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong spoken and written English
  • Bonus if you know Mandarin or French

We also invite you to read our Playbook, so that you can make sure your philosophy matches the company’s.

And about the conditions?


You can choose to come to our head office in Chiang Mai, Thailand or do remote working. Or a mix of the two.

You will also have the opportunity once or twice a year to visit our offices and suppliers in Shenzhen.


  • 2 300€ and up per month (based on profile)
  • 20 days of paid vacation
  • Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Aggressive pay-rise policy: 2 per year (up to 5% at each pay rise)
  • A yearly bonus based on the company’s performance
  • Discretionary budget of 1500€ to cover for your IT, Learning & Development expenses and Gifts for your family and friends
  • The full catalogue of KLIM products

Working Hours

There is no fixed schedule, you make your own. You can expect a 40-hour weekly workload.

Due to time zone differences, we accept applications only from Asian and European time zones.


Once a year there will be a company retreat, most likely on a South East Asian island or in Europe, all expenses (accommodation, flights, activities, etc.) will be paid for.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions this policy may be affected.