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KLIM Technologies is one of the fastest growing gaming peripherals brand in the world.
We are currently 23 in the company, from 9 different nationalities.

GrowthWe harvested the growth of online selling and adapted our entire strategy around it. This has allowed for our explosive growth. We will remain online.
Remote WorkWe fully support remote work. As long as you work hard and are reliable we give a lot of freedom in terms of schedule and location.
Self-fundedWe are self funded, meaning there is not outside investment. We have revenue, make a profit, reinvest the profit and so on. We believe it’s a much healthier way to run a business.
Video Wizard20190821081351

Video Wizard

With over 8 figure growth in Europe in the last 2 years, KLIM is now recruiting for a full-time, in-house Video Wizard.  ...
Tester Program Manager20190517075112

Tester Program Manager

With brand new listings coming on all major platform, KLIM is on the look for a Tester Program Manager to help with the launc...
Amazon Account Manager – North America (NA)20190517071100

Amazon Account Manager – North America (NA)

With over 8 figure growth in Europe in the last 2 years, KLIM is ready to launch its products in North America. This should d...
In-House Advertising Specialist20190507045749

In-House Advertising Specialist

Founded 3 years ago and already achieving 8 figures growth, KLIM Technologies delivers spectacular product quality to an ever...
Project Manager20181220113058

Project Manager

With over 1 million customers and brand lovers over the world, KLIM is on the look for a new PROJECT MANAGER to help us succe...
Executive Assistant20181207031014

Executive Assistant

You will be in charge of: 1. Assisting our CEO and HR Director with general administrative tasks such as: posting job advert...
French Customer Service Agent20181116151515

French Customer Service Agent

You will be in charge of: 1. Assisting our French speaking customers - 2. Answering empathetically to each customer in order ...
German Customer Service Agent20180804141630

German Customer Service Agent

Duties & Responsibilities A lot of companies today seriously underestimate the value of customer service. We do no...
Logistics Operations Assistant20180728055923

Logistics Operations Assistant

You will be in charge of: 1. Providing support for planning inventory and production for Amazon and other assigned accounts 2...
Mechanical Engineer20180704122538

Mechanical Engineer

You will be in charge of: 1. Development of user centric gaming products and participate in the development of user experienc...